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Barbara "Babs" Asante is definitely a rising star in the multi-level marketing industry. She has a diversified educational background, which also includes the Health and Wellness Industry.

Babs was introduced to residual income during her early college years and because of her success in network marketing, she was able to use residual income to help finance her college education. Babs received her Degree in Health Sciences, and later decided to focus full-time on her studies to fulfill her dreams of becoming a lawyer (specifically, an advocate on behalf of abused, exploited, and missing children).  Unfortunately, she was later diagnosed with Lupus and had to limit most activities, including law school. Unable to work, Babs returned to network marketing, which only required a minimum investment of time and money.  After many trials and errors with various network marketing companies, Babs returned to her first love... health and wellness!

It is important to Babs that she establishes a good relationship with her team members and customers and to bring value to their lives. Babs possess a positive attitude, a dedicated spirit, and a willingness and desire to help others succeed.  She lives by a key mantra, "Ohana," which means Family.. and when it comes to Family, "no one gets left behind." Because of that, she has an amazingly selfless leadership and a passion for empowering women and men all across the globe.

Partner with Babs today if you are ready to transition from an employee mindset to an investor mindset (invest in the quality of life you deserve).. and help others!  Babs will provide you with the skills to move forward in the ranks as Director, National Director, a Global Marketing Director, & Ambassador. 

Partner with Babs today and become DEBT FREE! 

Let's Work Together for YOUR Success!

One Team... One Dream.. 100K Families 
Making $1,000 + a week!

Barbara "Babs" Asante
Success & Wellness Coach
Empowering Others to Dream Big and Generate Income Online
Email: babsasante@gmail.com

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