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As women, we are so used to manifesting other people's dreams that once we have gotten some financial control over our assets, we often become distracted. We lose sight of what we could do if we dreamed big dreams and worked hard to make them happen.

Many of us are afraid of power. We know what "power-over" looks like and we know we don't want that, but we still don't have a full enough picture of what power-from-within or power-with-others looks like.

Without such a vision, we still balk at taking full charge of our lives. Developing expertise and strategic focus about our money and energy is time-consuming. As women, our time is often spread too thin trying to respond to external demands.

Despite these difficulties, I know that more and more women want to make a difference. We want to give more to causes we care about, or start businesses that would help others financially and/or bring purpose and dignity back to their lives.

I urge you, both men and women, to learn where you stand in the wealth pyramid, to join my team/community of inspiring men and women who oftentimes are organizing for change under very difficult conditions. A team of men and women with whom you can give and receive encouragement and challenge, and to whom you can be accountable.

I've learned so much from our community who are using their financial muscle as business owners and professionals to empower others.

Having such contacts can give you a visceral urgency, motivate and inspire you to become powerful beyond measure.

You Can make a Difference!

You Can Help People to Generate the
Income they want to Generate!

And By Helping Others, YOU will be able to generate the Income that YOU want!

There is a world of big visions and inner freedom awaiting us all.
Purpose with us! E-mail or call me, today!

Dedicated to YOUR Success,

Barbara "Babs" Asante
Success  & Wellness Coach
Empowering Others to Dream Big and Generate Income Online
Email: babsasante@gmail.com

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