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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wii Fit Mommies Twitter Bling Party!

The Wii Fit Mommies from the Cool Mom Guide to Fitness are at it again and this time it’s gonna be HUGE!

When: Friday, February 13, 2009
Time: 8-10PM EST
Where: Twitter
What: Wiimoms ‘Lots of Love (Handles) to Give’ Twitter Bling Party brought to you by ChicExecs PR and AceBeach!

Give-A-Ways: Enter to win the Grand Prize Package. Package includes-
1 Rock Bud retractable earphones
1 Chic Bud retractable earphones with Swarovski Crystals
1 Fumi purse accessory
1 Wii Fit

For More information, check out http://fitness.coolmomguide.com/wiimoms-bling/

Cheers & Be Well!



Monday, February 2, 2009

The Cat Ate My Wii!!!

Yes, you read it correctly. That Cat Ate My Wii!!!! As you know from the previous post, I just hooked up the Wii and Wii Fit on Friday and I created Miis for my DH, teen daughter, and myself. In fact, because of my excitement, I exercised for two hours straight -- playing step aerobics, and winning the ability to open/dowload free new or advanced games! I only stopped because my daugther saw that I was having so much fun and she wanted to join in, so she tried the yoga! Later that evening, my DH tried the jogging exercise/game a few times.

Some time between Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon, the cat ate my Wii! Now, cat lovers please do not get offended, but I am not very partial to cats. My daugther and DH adopted this cat, well then it was a kitten, from the animal shelter, and named her Leila aka Snot or Kitty. I did feel some sympathy for the cat when immediately after adoption, it was found that the kitten had some crate disease. I cared for the kitten, took her to the vet, and it cost us mucho dollars -- I almost passed out when I was given the bill. (We could have bought two... no three.. thoroughbreds!

Well, while DH and my daughter were busy loving, playing and spoiling the cat, I was training the cat -- as I had trained our two Bichon Friese (Ginger and Jasmine). The cat responds to a few -- actually, a number of words such as "no" "go to the basement;" "go back in the house" and she does not jump on furniture counter tops, etc. And, there are certain rooms the cat is not allowed in (especially my office and bedroom -- due to health issues); and, the cat knows to stay outside of those rooms. Now, with encouragement from my daughter, she has sneaked in a forbidden rooms a few times, but when the cat hear my footsteps, she leaves the room immediately; sits outside the room innocently and acts like nothing happened -- as if I didn't hear her running paw steps. Other than that, I can leave the doors open, and the cat will remain outside the forbidden rooms.

We do have just a few wires around the home hooked up to outlets, etc., but Kitty (first time I used her name here because I am upset with her right now)... Kitty would not chew the wires. She has attacked two of my daughter's earphones -- but mainly because my daughter plays "come, Snot, run after the earphones that looks like a long string!" Snot is the nickname my daughter gave to Leila aka Kitty because when Kitty had the crate disease from the animal shelter, Kitty, in addition to other symptoms, had a very constant runny nose and would sneeze 'snot' everywhere -- very visble on floors, desk, etc. Now, when we first observed Kitty at the shelter, she was very active, running around, playing, etc. Less than a week later she was at the Vet with a crate illness that the Vet said was "common" among sheltered animals.

Well, we have had Kitty for over four years now, and for some reason -- probably because my daughter has been allowing certain 'illegal' or should I say 'banded' cat behaviors around the house ..........that cat ate my brand new; one day used, Wii! She cut into the sensor board wire, and it took some time for me to figure out why the Wii wasn't working. I was shocked to discover that the wire appeared to be cut in half. Now, for those of you -- like my daughter who said, "that's why I don't leave wires around" -- think that I just left the wire hanging for the cat, you are mistaken. The sensor wire was "wrapped," and the cat bit into the area that plugs into the Wii!

Now, my first thought was "vengence." But, could it be that Leila, aka Kitty or Snot, is a vigilante cat! Waiting until she was older to attack personal objects belonging to her trainer? After all, DH's wires -- thick and thin -- were all over his office; and, I have a few computer wires in my office -- so why the Wii. Could it be jealousy? I had my daughter's complete undivided attention for five plus hours on Friday!

Whatever the reason, I had a family meeting about Kitty, and we (Kitty and I) will be taking a vacation from each other for a few days.

Cheers & Be Well!


Oh, yes, I almost forgot -- I lost 6 pounds this week!