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Sunday, October 24, 2010

90 Day Weight Release Challenge - First Month Routine & Plan

Ardyss Cleansing Combo use as directed it includes:
1. Ultra body Cleanse
1. Cran aloe
1. Top Fiber
1. Digestive support
1. Nutri shake

Meals: Eat sensible meals during this cleansing month, keep your TOTAL calorie intake under 2300 calories per day. (One recommendation: use microwave meals which have a calorie count on them for two of your daily meals).

Replace breakfast with one Nutri shake. Blend fruit and crushed ice to create a smoothie, if desired. Only use water or a soy type milk which is low in calories. (Avoid adding juice).

Use the Ultra Body Cleanse as directed. Make sure you read how to increase or decrease the use of the pills. You can use the Cleanse for 30 days, but not less than 14 days.

First Month 90 Day Weight Release...Routine & Plan.

Recommendation: Mix the Cran Aloe, Top Fiber, and Digestive Support together in 8oz of water and drink together. You can also mix all (Cran Aloe, Top Fiber, Digestive Support) together with Nutri Shake for a great tasting smoothie. When taking fiber, be sure to drink at least Eight - 8oz glasses of water daily.

Recommendation: While cleansing, eliminate red meat from your diet and start 30 min to 1 hour of moderate exercise at least 3x or more per week Example: walking, swimming, cycling, working in garden, house cleaning, Wii Fit, EA Sports Active, Exercise Tapes (Just Push Play), etc.

Stay tuned for: Green Smoothie Recipes; Meal Recipes; Exercise Routines, Weight Loss tips and Suggestions.

P.S. With regard to microwave meals -- it is best if you can make your own meals so that you are exactly sure, "what's in it." Microwave meals are just a suggestion... but it is highly recommended that you purchase the all-natural meals ... or even better, prepare your meals...

It is also recommended that you remove the following items from your diet:

Throw away all the food in your house that list ANY of the following within the first 5 ingredients: simple sugars, syrups. white flours, saturated fats and trans fats.

Raw Food Challenge -- Incorporate More Raw Foods (Fruits & Veggies)

The raw food diet is based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruit and seaweed. It is believed that heating food above 116F destroys foods' natural enzymes that aid in the digestion and absorption of food.

Proponents of the diet believe its many health benefits include increased energy, improved skin appearance, better digestion, weight loss and reduced risk of heart disease.

Here's to a More Vibrant You..

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Belly Fat - The Dangers & What We Can Do!!!

Belly Fat is why it is incredibly important to Detox when you are losing weight. Belly Fat is a health hazard. What is considered too much belly fat: Ladies (over 35 inches); Men (over 40 inches) are in obese range. Once you are in that range, you now have a serious health hazard (almost like you are carrying an extra bag of Cheetos wrapped around your waist; pulling your organs out of position, weighing on your knees causing much knee degeneration due to excess weight).

The fat in belly is called visceral fat. Visceral fat is adipose tissue that is packed in between and around your internal organs. Visceral fat creates or secretes estrogen which creates hormone imbalances. So even guys with a waist over 40 inches and have that belly fat.. that fat (visceral fat) is creating estrogen in their bodies. These men will eventually have low testosterone levels; and, with estrogen fat secreting all day long it is going to dramatically increase chances of getting prostrate cancer. Excess estrogen may also create cancers in women's breast; so, belly fat is extremely dangerous.

Visceral fat creates inflammatory molecules which leads to free radicals. Free radicals levels increases dramatically the larger the belly. Free radicals damage organ tissue; can damage cardiovascular tissue. Belly fat is wrapped around deep internal arteries and it can prevent the arterial wall from being flexible. In order to have normal blood pressure, the arterial wall will have to extend when there is excess blood and fluid in the arteries; it has to be able to contract when there is less blood in the arteries. If it cannot do that because it is held because of the fat packed around it, you are going to have hypertension. And, many medications for hypertension can damage your kidneys.

Excess body fat creates dame to the skeletal structure and creates osteoarthritis. (As a side note, Dr. Witherspoon noted that she personally got 17 women who had a limp or hip pain and were on canes to try the Ardyss Women's T-Shirt. Within minutes of trying on the Ardyss garment, they were off their canes. The Ardyss garment restores proper structure to the spine to distribute weight properly.).

Visceral fat also creates cardiovascular disease; not just high blood pressure; but harming the heart itself. The one disease that the majority of people get is diabetes caused from having visceral fat. Diabetes can lead to kidney damage, loss of appendages, and hypertension.

Cause of belly fat: Inactivity. Make time for exercise. Walking 30 minutes at a rapid pace around the building where you work, etc. That is the minimal amount of exercise necessary for you to remain healthy and to begin to lose this very dangerous visceral fat.

Another major cause of belly fat is sweeteners in all forms. Drinking 1/8 oz of fruit juice is equal to 1/4 pound of sugar. Sodas, candy, smoothies -- 8 oz smoothies with bananas and fruit is similar to drinking 1/2 pound of sugar.People are drinking pounds of sugar. The body cannot utilize that much sugar. It immediately turns all that sugar into belly fat. Eating fast, eating late at night, stress all can dramatically increase cortisone levels which increases blood sugars; high blood sugar increases belly fat.

WHAT DO WE DO: Our Wonderful Ardyss Garments; Ardyss have some wonderful nutrients as one loses weight. As one loses weight, the belly fat creates inflammatory molecules -- it has all the toxins that you are exposed to. (It is now documented that belly fat holds jet fuel; if you clean with Ajax, bleach, etc., it is in your belly fat because it was inhaled. Other toxins found in the belly include: Hair spray, pain, paint refinishes, floor varnishes.

So, as you are loosing weight, those toxins are going to be released in the blood. It is good to wear the Ardyss garment and exercise; but you also need to take the Le'Vive Red to reduce Free Radicals that are being created by inflammatory molecules. (Take 2 oz of Le'Vive to continually reduce the inflammatory molecules AND Ardyss Green 29. Green 29 will help one to lose weight and have components and nutrients specific for detox and weight loss. When detoxing, you lose all the bad stuff (the toxins); but you also lose good nutrients. Green 29 put those nutrients back into the body.

Recommendation: Use Ardyss Cleansing products: AM/PM or Ultra Body Cleanse to remove the environmental toxins and cellular waste so the toxins are removed through the bowels; being secreted through the pores while wearing the Ardyss Garment; and removed while exercising. Lose belly fat to avoid cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, avoid diabetes, avoid hypertension which could possibly lead to strokes.

We (Ardyss) have lots of solutions to help people lose weight, help raise metabolic levels, and help put out the inflammatory molecules. All these products will help them lose that belly fat safely so that the toxins that come out of the belly fat does not circulate back into the tissues -- but actually moves out properly.

If a customer wants to purchase a Body Magic Garment and the goal is to lose weight -- the ethical thing to do is to say, "look, the nutritionist recommends that you use a cleansing product -- am/pm -- so that the toxins that are coming out of the fat are going out through the proper channels and not circulating back into the blood.

Be Well,

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

90 Day Weight Release Challenge

The 90-Day Weight Release Program is designed to help individuals focus on their weight-loss goals over a 90-day period, by providing a system of support, accountability, and encouragement throughout the 90-day period.

This program is designed to work hand in hand with the Ardyss International reshaping garments, as part of a 2 step system of reshaping the body with permanent weight release.

Who can join the 90-day weight release program:

• Twenty Somethings…
• Thirty Somethings…
• Forty Somethings…
• Busy Moms
• Senior
• Powerful Dads
• Students

It is a TWO step 90 Day system that works and is so powerful, quick, and simple that…

Forget about what you’ve tried…this is IT!


To achieve optimal results of the 90-day weight release program participants
are encouraged to make the following commitments:

• Drink a minimum of eight 8oz. of water daily.
• Commit to a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week.
• Join weekly calls/webinars/or on-line participation to stay connected and encouraged.
• Connect with an accountability partner.
• Keep a journal to chart progress in the program.
• Invite friends and family to participate.
• Follow outlined meal and nutritional plans.
• Purchase outlined 90-Day Weight Release Nutritional products at wholesale cost.

Weekly On-Line Weight Release Meetings

Support system with On-Line “Slim Table” Discussions – where
discussions can take place regarding triumphs and slips ups of the week. A place to share what participants have learned about themselves, their bodies, eating habits, and what it takes to finally be Free of that unwanted weight!

Recommended Meal Plans and Menus
To take the guess work out of daily food intake, Bi-Weekly On-Line “Slim Table” Sessions with nutritional advisors, weight release advice and tips.

Nutritional Support System

To ensure proper nutrition to the body during this wonderful time of weight release. Promote high energy and stamina level during process. Keeps you from
having that OMG I’m starving feeling while you release the weight.

Buddy System

To ensure accountability and one-on-one support, an on-line buddy system will be created for interested participants.

There is power in numbers…let’s release this weight as a lean mean team! Report daily/weekly exercise achievements and goals. Virtual workouts can be created.

The Big “Finally Free Award”
Award given at the end of each 90 Day Weight Release Program cycle to the person(s) who has released the largest amount of weight over the duration of the program.

“Monthly Recognition”
Freedom Awards... Trophies...and announcement of team/buddies, etc. success stories.

90-Day Weight Releases Oasis Centers

Would you like to motivate and support others through the 90-Day weight release program by opening your business or home as a support center? Benefits:

As a 90-Day Weight release oasis participant you will have the opportunity to impact
the health and wellness of individuals throughout your city and community providing
them with resources, in a warm and inviting environment to meet for weekly support
and encouragement.

You can increase the bottom line of your business by personally inviting business
associates to enroll in the 90-day weight release program.

Examples: * Salons and salon owners * Day Care Centers *Fitness Centers
* Boutiques * Doctors Offices

Getting Started

The first step of the 90-Day Weight Release Program is to meet with a program advisor either in-person, at a local Oasis Center, over the phone, or via on-line chat.

An initial analysis will be conducted of the participant's personal eating and exercise habits and any challenges n committing to a weight loss regime. But, most importantly an outline will be provided of the proven weight release plan that is releasing the weight from participants effectively and naturally. Also, an initial weigh-in and body measurements will be submitted to the program advisor.

Contact me or just leave a comment to schedule your appointment, and you’ll be on your way to your weight release freedom!

Tomorrow: The One Month Plan....

"Each day I choose whether to be healthy, fit and lean. What choice will I make today!"

Cheers & Be Well,

Program Advisor
Join the 90 Day Challenge