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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Advertising/Social Network Platform - YourNight.com.. The New Enhanced FaceBook?

A great place to Network and advertise your business is the new and upcoming Social Network Platform, YourNight.

YourNight.com is a unique, invitation only social network with numerous features and a member based affiliate program. The first of its kind, this network allows subscribers to have separate professional, personal, and dating profiles, as well as make cash rewards from referrals, purchases from shopping, and travel applications.

Fun and Exciting...this Social Networking Site allows you to access other social networks like...Facebook, Twitter, MySpace...LinkedIn, YouTube,...etc. on one page!

This New Social Networking Platform employs Cutting Edege features and technologies to compensate it's members for referring new members, saves you up to 20% on purchases at stores like Walmart, Target, Overstock, BestBuy and over 7000 others! More privacy with 5 free profiles instead of just one. When you post and update your status, etc., you can allow all your "Friends" to see it or just some with the click of your mouse.

Have a business you would like to start up? This platform offers not only a free website but a shopping cart and means for customer payments to get to your bank account or paypal account!

Need more exposure for your current business? Free website with easy to use "Do it Yourself" tools to attract millions of members 24-7.

Need to supplement or replace income? Done! Lots of ways to create a permanent self regenerating monthly income. Work to set it up and go play! Work is done and cash goes in your bank account like clock work. Did I mention you can join for FREE!!!

To get started, Join Free Here Then e-mail me for tutorials and Webinar Training Dates.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As you may be aware, I am all about technology and food issues. I thought this idea was cool enough to sign myself up, and I wanted to pass it along for those of you who are interested in growing/eating real foods, farming and opting out of the mainstream industrial food system.

There's a very exciting new MLM company on the scene and it is all about growing fresh, certified organic foods :) (I'm not usually excited by MLM companies, just as I imagine many of you aren't either - this one seems genuinely very cool though...) The company is called "Organic Acres" and is truly a unique model for sustainable agriculture and business.

You can have a professionally managed garden where you decide what you want to grow for your family, and be able to watch your garden grow via a monitor and your computer -- a first. Having a virtual garden is a unique new concept which its time has come. Imagine all the apartment dwellers who can now have their own organic garden without the hassle of preparing plantings, hot house seed preparation, planting intervals, watering, weeding, cultivating, never mind breaking your back and loosing half your crop to critters. You are leasing a plot of your choice, an expert organic gardener, and you can access your garden from anywhere in the country.

Simply put, you decide how large a garden you want, what to grow, and what you want to sell back to the farmers market for profit which more than covers your own annual costs. With most gardens, you have a peak of abundance of cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, peas, so it takes scheduled plantings and a lot of knowledge of climate in each area, with Organic Acres, this is all professionally taken care of for you. I cannot think of a better scenario for anyone who has gone through the personal gardening experience. As well, anyone who has belonged to a local farm cooperative, and the expense and time needed to take full advantage, with no guarantees. Organic Acres does it all, even guarantees your crops by planting a "guarantee" crop.

Again, you even get a video monitor where you can look over your personal garden for an eye on experience via your Internet connection. Now you can grow fresh organic produce all year around specifically to your families and wants and needs. Safe produce is yours without the hassle of a home garden or limited local farm cooperative. In addition to saving money, you can actually net a profit if you choose a larger producing garden plan, it is all up to you. Farm cooperatives have been around for centuries, with the booming organic industry, plus the fact everyone has a computer or wireless mobile device, you can watch your garden from home, office or from your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

For those looking for an extra passive income, Organic Acres offer an affiliate program where you can earn your produce at no cost totally covering your membership fee and all your produce you grow (just imagine eliminating your grocery bill), and you do not have to sell anything, just share this powerful new concept with others who also want fresh organic produce for less than they can get it for locally. I can think of nothing more powerful than word of mouth just as the original farm markets operated on, referrals, not expensive advertising. Organic Acres are the only farmers cooperative which is available to everyone nationwide, as well as expanding worldwide over the next year as the concept catches on.

Organic Acres Goal:
Organic Acres' single goal is to provide you and your family with the healthiest, tastiest and most nutritional selection of foods for the best prices and deliver them straight to your door.

The Perks:
* Lease and have access to your own organic garden
* Grow anything you like
* Guaranteed crops
* Access crops from other farmers
* Have your organic foods delivered direct to your door
* Sell your organic foods through their Farmer's Market**
* Sell your organic foods through the Community General Store**
* Eat Fresh, Safe, Organic Foods
* Option of donating Organic Foods to Food Bank
* Share w/others and get some or all of your food for FREE.
* Monthly Maintenance Fee Credit for General Store Purchases

**Organic Acres will sell your produce on your behalf at not extra charge!

I know money's tight for me right now, so the way I see it, this is a win-win for anyone who wants to eat fresh organic produce and not have to pay what you'd pay at the grocery store.

I think this is a really exciting opportunity for people interested both in green businesses PLUS getting top quality certified organic fresh produce delivered straight to your door from your own plot -- I love it!!!

You can sign up for FREE at My Organic Acres to learn more about this new organic victual farm garden and secure your place as one of the pioneers of this blossoming business.

After reserving your FREE spot, please contact me for details on how you can make more than enough sustainable income. Enjoy!