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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

When to Drink Your Iaso Detox Tea - Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days - Guaranteed!

Iaso Tea Tips:

When to DRINK your IASO Detox Tea...
As noted in some instructions...
8 oz AFTER Breakfast
8 oz AFTER Lunch
4 oz AFTER Snack/Dinner
8 oz AFTER Lunch
8 oz AFTER Dinner
4 oz AFTER Snack

According to the Instructions on the Iaso Tea Package..
8 oz Glass WITH Lunch
8 oz Glass WITH Dinner
4 oz With a Snack

The key is to drink 8 oz at least twice daily....
Some may prefer to drink the Iaso tea along WITH their meals...
Some may prefer to drink the Iaso Tea AFTER their meals..
Remember Everyone's body system is different........

Here are some notes from the Health & Wellness Industry...

When you’re settling in to enjoy a meal, your stomach – being the clever little worker that it is – will start releasing the exact amount of gastric juices that are needed to digest the food you’re shoveling into your system. However, if liquid is going in as well, not only does the water dilute the digestive juices, but water is absorbed through the walls of the stomach until the contents are concentrated enough for the digestive juices to act.

With all of the rules we have floating around in the wellness world, this isn't something to worry yourself sick over. You don’t have to treat it as gospel. However, if you do experience bloating, cramping or gas after eating, making this slight change could do you the world of good.

So to Drink your tea WITH your meals or AFTER.. depends on your body needs and body system... experiment.. Remember, our Iaso Tea is loaded with herbs to aid Digestion... So get to know your own body!!!  Drink up.. and to your Good Health!


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