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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Plexus Rocks!...

Another Great Plexus Testimony

Ashley says -

"In Aug 2013 I saw a friend of mine post on Facebook about how much weight she and her
husband had lost on this Pink Drink called Plexus. After seeing it for a few days I was intrigued and messaged her about it.

Let’s rewind to year 2007- I married my husband in Jan. 2007 and I weighed 145 pounds. By the end of 2007 I was 195 pds. By 2013,  I was 225 pounds. I tried all products over the counter, as seen on TV, and even plain ole diet  and exercise. I wasn't ever successful with any of the diets or products I tried… So I went to the doctor. When I went to the doctor of course he prescribed me phentermine a very strong diet medicine to help me lose weight. Little did I know what was in store for me as I begin to use this medication, I did very little to no research of this medication and had no idea how harmful and addicting this medication was. 

The doctor prescribed  2 a day- This is very unlikely that a doctor would prescribe this amount cause,  after the fact,  I learned that you are only supposed to take 1 a day and for no longer than 8 weeks at a time! I used this medication for 2 plus years at 2 a day when I took them. I lost 40pounds the first 3 months, after that I begin to gain all the weight back and then some. I begin to notice not only was I gaining weight but I myself was changing, I started having health problems one after another. I became depressed, hateful, and angry! I was always mad at someone or something in my house. I only left the house to go to church or grocery shopping-imagine how life was??? 

I started thinking it must be this medicine – I wasn’t who I was anymore. I have always been a go getter, fighter, and motivator. I couldn’t believe that I allowed myself to get this way. A year ago I said Lord with your help I won't take this medication anymore for weight loss because it must be this medication causing all these all problems. I begin to research in depth this medication – only to find out I wasn’t the only one that has had these issues happen to them due to taking this worldwide diet pill called phentermine (which is FDA approved) I was so upset & shameful of myself that I didn’t do the proper research prior to taking it. I so desperately wanted to lose weight that I ended up creating more problems than what I wanted to deal with!

It was a battle at first because once stopping the medication not only was I upset with myself but was so angry that the doctor allowed me to take this medicine for so long knowing the side effects and lifelong problems they could cause me. After a few months of still being wore down, gaining more weight, & getting even more depressed I was just learning how to deal –Because I refused to be put on anymore medicine and I WAS NOT being put on depression medicine. 

Back to 2013 ....when I messaged my friend and ask her for a 7 day trial of Plexus Slim. I thought it can't hurt and it’s all natural. (I did do my research before trying) She brought over the 7 day for me to try and by day 2 I knew something was changing, not in my weight but the way I felt. I honestly couldn’t believe it, I remember telling my husband I said I don’t know what’s in this pink drink but it’s doing something..

I signed up that week-I knew little about it at the time, but I knew I would continue to drink it! 

Since Aug 2013 I went from a size 20 to size 14/16- I’m a much happier person. I go to bed at normal hours, I wake up early, & get started on my day. I have became more of a wife and mother that my family needed. My skin gets better everyday-I don’t crave sugar, soda, and all the unhealthy foods that I did before.

I am on NO medication for anything. I could on & on about what Plexus has done for me, my family, and my children! I'm not saying am perfect- but what I am saying is I get up every day put one foot in front of the other a lot happier, a lot healthier, and most of all Thankful!

I'm still striving daily to be that person God has intended me to be! I give all the praise to the Lord without him I am nothing! Our life goes in this order-FAITH-FAMILY-PLEXUS!”

Pour it!  Shake it!  Drink it

GET SOME!  It's not just another diet!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bobeam Natural Hair and Body Care Product Review

Product Review .....All Natural Hair Products by Bobeam Natural Hair Products, CEO Laquita Thomas-Banks

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Friday, May 2, 2014

In Case You Missed The Drop Shipping LIVE Webinar

In case you missed the webinar last Thursday night, we share some pretty cool success stories of just average people making some pretty cool incomes. 

I've been online for over many years and I have to admit, I've never seen any type of stories like these...... grow, duplicate, and change family's lives.

Here's the replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAESNjN3JF8

Dedicated to Your Success,

Barbara "Babs" Asante
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Thursday, April 3, 2014


I don't know about you, but when you wake up to some Cha-Chings and your team is doing the same thing, that's what we call synergy.

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Not too long ago, I remember being in a miserable place. I had all the right intentions, but something was missing. That something was a someone. A coach. Not just a coach but a group of others working together for the same common purpose to support each other. Servant Leaders.

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Here's the beautiful thing about working with the right people:

You see. It's no longer about me or them. It's about what we can do to serve you. We call them, Servant Leaders. We are branded from the bottom up coming from humble beginnings. Let this be the month you break through...

See you tonight,

Barbara "Babs" Asante
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Finding Success on eBay

Finding success on eBay is usually trial and error, some pitfalls and a huge learning curve. You have to figure out logistics, best shipping methods and what you want to sell. There are over 1,000 different categories to choose from. I would suggest if you are just starting out to try and find a segment that you are comfortable with. Having expertise in something could give you an edge in picking, describing and selling quality products.

Hobbies often translate into money making opportunities, they not only are popular but they usually have a price tag associated with them. Fishing, bowling, hunting, crocheting...they all require supplies and equipment and they are all available on eBay. Don't believe me, look around and see what's there. Every brand, model, color, shape and size are there for sale.

There are some specific things that eBay shoppers look for to help them make there decision. Price is important and you will always have those that go on price alone.

This is not the only determining factor, free shipping, sellers reputation, quick turnaround and warranties will all help you become a stronger online selling pro.

Any company, store, or business owner's success depends on getting seen. If you have the greatest product in the world and nobody can find it, you will be the proud owner of a large collection of the greatest products in the word. Placing your product in front of people is very important, the car dealership puts the shiny new cars out front and in the showroom for a reason.

You have to have a system to place ads, a way to know what people are buying and looking for. You would be surprised what sells on eBay but with that being said not everything will sell with the same success.

There are often 20 of the same exact items for sale and often times they have very different price points. There is a reason why two people could have the same item for sale and the more expensive one will outsell the cheaper one. You have to understand how eBay works, how the buyer thinks and all of the triggers that make a profitable sale on eBay.

Don't you think you deserve a better chance at having what you want in life?

Would like to see the exclusive, proprietary tools, training and system we have to offer our team?

If so, get on this webinar while it is still available and see how ordinary people achieve extraordinary results using eBay.

Watch the private webinar here

See You On eBay,

Barbara (Babs) Asante

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Drop Shipping on EBay - How to Release the Temporary Hold on Buyer's Deposited PayPal Funds

Drop Shipping on eBay - How to Release the Temporary Hold on Buyer's Deposited PayPal Funds

Response to Sonya regarding Establishing a Sales History with EBay.to Release the Temporary Hold on Buyer's Funds.

Sonya's question: "I tried it but eBay won't release any money to you.  They place it on hold until you mail the item out first."

Sonya, when you are a new seller on eBay, yes.. to protect the buyer, the buyer's funds are directly placed in the seller's PayPal account; however a hold is placed on those funds until the Seller ships the item. (Paypal will hold your money until about 3 days after the buyer receives their product.  You will have to pay for it up front at the beginning.  Once you get going and build some money in your Paypal account, that (the hold) won't be a problem.).

However, after establishing a sales history or selling relationship with ebay, buyer's funds are released immediately (there is no hold on funds)..  It only takes 90 days to establish this sales relationship/history.... Ebay's criteria on this is $250 in sales / 25 Sales / 90-days all three have to be met before that limitation is lifted.

Funds will be available 3 days after it is  confirmed that the item was delivered when you use eBay or PayPal to print labels or upload tracking information from UPS, USPS, or FedEx.

If you don't have tracking information (indicating proof that the item was shipped), but you mark the item as shipped and a delivery date can be calculated, your money should be available 7 days after your latest estimated delivery date.

If you don't have tracking information, and you don't mark the item as shipped, nor  can a delivery date be calculated  (for example, if the item was shipped internationally), the funds should be available 21 days after the buyer pays.

However, again.. new seller status ends once you've met all the following criteria:

*It's been more than 90 days since your first successful sale.
*You've completed more than 25 domestic sales transactions.
*You have more than $250.00 in total sales.

You must treat your drop shipping business like a business -- remember it may take years for a brick and mortar business to realize a profit.  However, with drop shipping, it is possible to realize a profit within days!
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