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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On November 9, 1901, William Monroe Founded The Gaurdian Newspaper In Boston, Massachusetts. At The Time Of Its Inception, Some 150 Black Newspapers Were Being Founded In The Unted States.

Trotter Was One Of The Few Black Newspapermen Who Was Publicly Opposed Booker T. Washington's Social Theories Regarding The Advancement Of Black Americans. He Agreed, Completely, With W.E.B. DuBois' Opinion That Washington Was "leading the way backward with his sub-class rhetoric."

Along With DuBois, Trotter Was One Of The Leading Organizers Of The Niagara Movement, Which Called For, Among Other Things, Strict Enforcement Of The Constitution And The Protection Of Voting Rights For Black Americans. The Niagara Movement Was The Forerunner To The NAACP. And Because He Had Such A Profound Distrust Of "White Folks," Trotter Was Conspicuously Absent From The Founding Of The NAACP in 1909.

The Harvard University Graduate Is Considered By Many, The "Forefather Of Black Militants."

"In Order For Black History To Live, We Must Continue To Breathe Life Into It." -- Hubert Gaddy Jr.

Resource: http://www.blackintime.info/1/post/2011/11/-trotter.html