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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Business spotlight: Micoré hair weave for transitioing and protective styles

For those who wear weaves as protective styles or as they transition Micoré International is a wonderful company that specializes in 100% pure human hair from straight to wavy.

Barbara "Babs"Asante, Consultant/National Expansion Leader, took time off of her busy schedule to share her personal hair story, business advice and inspiration why she joined Micore.

Hair story ...

Since I was little girl, I've had long, thick, curly hair that my mom felt was unmanageable because after washing, she just couldn't get a comb through my hair. So, to my grandfather's dismay and when I started school my mother began using the 'hot comb' on my hair. My grandfather felt the hot comb was destroying 'good hair.' Interestingly, he was not happy about the hot comb, but my mom was going for manageability. Subsequently, the 'hot comb' wasn't adequate to control the humid days and summer swimming camps. So, I decided to try a relaxer. It was the 'stylish thing to do.

I would say that I started wearing my hair natural after my second attempt at a relaxer. I really should have been more conscious of the first failed attempt at a relaxer, but was informed that the second relaxer attempt would be a charm -- that your hair would get used to the product. Well, when I saw most of my hair being rinsed away down the sink during the second attempt, I knew there was a problem. That was many years ago, and I've been natural ever since. Occasionally 'hot/warm combing' my hair for versatility on various occasions.

On wearing weaves as protective/transitioning style ...

Even though I am natural, I just love the variety of styles when wearing a weave. I love the protection the weave provides when you want to protect your hair from the environment, elements and electric styling tools. And when you use invisible parts, all of your natural hair can be braided underneath the weave without leaving any hair out, and the parts give a more natural look as well.

For transitioners, wearing a weave can also protect your hair from heat styling as well as help you avoid putting stress on the demarcation point between your new growth and relaxed ends which is very fragile.

Advice to those contemplating wearing their hair natural ...

My advice to those contemplating going natural is that to go for it. Again, during the transitioning phases, you can always wear a weave, wig, braids, etc. as your hair grows out.

As you transition, you also have the opportunity to get to know your natural hair - you can do trial and error - experimenting with natural products until you find what's right for your hair; and experiment with various transition styles. It's really a win-win situation when you wear your hair natural. Natural hair is freedom, just absolutely beautiful in its natural state, and you'll love your natural hair, and your hair will love you too!.. lol

What is Micoré International MLM ...

Micoré (Mi-core-ray), which means Zebra in Kenya is a company that markets hair extensions to women of all nationalities; thus, the name Micoré. Micoré International MLM offers a new option to women who wear hair extensions. now you can "Get Paid to Wear Your Weave".

We devised a new way to sell hair as a hair company, through Multi-Level Marketing, so we could not only sell hair but also provide a financial solution to our customers.

As an Independent Micoré Representative, you can now purchase the hair extensions you are already wearing, but at wholesale; while simultaneously building a Team of Micoré Reps, a team which can easily provide a nice residual income for years to come.

Micoré sells high quality 100% Pure Virgin Indian Remy hair, known as our Caviar Collection™ as well as high quality lower priced line of hair known as IndiSylk™. We guarantee customer satisfaction and top quality on both of these hair products. We have warranties for 6 months to one year against Matting, Tangling & Shedding.

What truly makes us different is Micoré provides the opportunity for anyone to own a hair business without any headaches. To be frank, Micoré just makes perfect sense! Besides.... Why Buy Hair When You Can Buy a Hair Business!

Inspiration behind Joining Micoré ...

What inspired me to get into business is that I've always been an entrepreneur... I love the concept of Multi-Level marketing: the attainable freedom (freedom from a job you don't enjoy; freedom of time); helping others attain their dreams, bringing value to customers; the income potential; residual income.

I believe it was John D. Rockefeller who said, "I would rather earn 1% off 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts." I decided to make Micoré my home because of the Business side of beauty.

Every woman wants to look their best, glamorous! Women love social settings, and they treasure their hair! Micoré allows you to earn commissions 9 different ways. Micoré offers your own personalized replicated website and built-in marketing system to manage and promote your business for Retail sales and Recruiting.

A consultant also has access to online training through Micoré University with resources at your fingertips 24/7. And, more importantly, your own personal mentor who will support your business growth according to your level of commitment; as a hobby, part-time, or full-time.

Additionally, the hair business is a fractionalized market with no single major giant competitor except Asians, who dominate the industry with control of more than 80% of the distribution of African American hair care products, beauty supply stores and the wig and extension manufacturers.

Less than 1% of African Americans are in this over $9 billion industry; yet African Americans are the major purchasers and none of that revenue comes back into our communities. We need to put the hair business and the revenue it generates, back into the hands of the women who purchase. Even men are finding great success in Micoré.

People who are interested in joining Micoré and my awesome growing team can visit my website: Micoré International.

They can also contact me at my e-mail address: virginhairpays@gmail.com.

What the future holds ...

Micoré International is currently in soft launch. These next few weeks and months will allow us to test different systems and products, ramp up our inventory, and provide additional tools every week as we prepare to conquer the world.

The mission of Micoré International Inc is to empower women and men in the hair industry and to become the largest single seller of hair extensions and lace wigs, in the USA.

Eventually, we will sell hair care products and market our products internationally. Soon thousands of Independent Micoré Consultants will be sharing the Micoré story and selling to women who appreciate quality hair, and money in their pocket.

It's an awesome opportunity to earn great part-time or full-time income today, tomorrow and for years to come!

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