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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It's difficult writing this blog because I have been absent for a while. I hace been studying and working on my weight. Thus far, I have lost 20 pounds.

I am using HCG along with the Core 4. I know many will scoff at HCG; but, it works! I have finally been able to take control of my weight.

I will post the HCG protocol, what I have experienced thus far on the protocol, and share some HCG recipes.

For now, I am a little tired, but promise to start posting ASAP.

Be well,


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Biggest "Cheater!"



CNI is putting you to the ultimate Body Makeover Challenge—“Biggest Cheater”. If you’re ready to lose the weight, shed the inches and get healthier using CORE4 or you know someone who is, CNI is ready to reward you with serious cash.

Win a Share of $25,000

CNI will be rewarding the TOP FIVE (5) “Biggest Cheater” participants with the best, documented CORE4 results, photos and story, and their Direct Sponsors with Cash Prizes and Recognition on Stage in January 2010.

5 “Biggest Cheater” Winners = $3,500 each
5 “Biggest Cheater” Winning Sponsors = $1,500 each

PLUS, the five winners from "The Biggest Cheater” challenge will be placed in a special drawing where one of the lucky winners will receive a complete Hair, Make-up and Fashion Make-over at our next event.

The "Biggest Cheater" Contest Details
Contest Period: July 13th 2009 through November 13th 2009 (11:59 am PST)

Participants must register with CNI in the Back Office and then document their results (weight, inches, cholesterol, triglycerides, and before and after photos with a newspaper visible in each picture for date verification).

You will also be required to write a brief story about your weight loss experience with CNI and CORE4. Submittals without appropriate documentation will not be accepted.

Winners and their Sponsors will be judged on both their "Before" and "After" Photos, as well as their weight loss results and the story that is submitted. The Top 5 winners of "The Biggest Cheater" will be announced November 30, 2009 via email and will receive their Cash Prizes and be recognized at our next CNI Corporate Event to be held in early 2010.
Winners and Sponsors must be present at the event to receive all prizes.

Who Can Enter: "The Biggest Cheater" is open to anyone that is 18 years of age or older. Challenge Participants must also be active CNI Sales Reps. NOTE: CNI strongly recommends that participants consult a physician before entering "The Biggest Cheater" CNI Body Makeover Challenge and using the CNI Products or CORE4 System.

How to get Started (REQUIREMENTS):
Login to your CNI Back Office to Register for "The Biggest Cheater" Challenge.

Purchase a minimum of a Pro-Pack and be on Autoship for "The Biggest Cheater" Challenge Period.

Take your "Before" and "After" photos. All Photos must have a date visible on the picture. We also suggest that you take 2 pictures at the same time (one with a date visible using a newspaper, and one without). This will enable us to validate the period of time for your weight loss, as well as have clean pictures should we use them on the CNI website, videos or in future publications and other media.

Joining is FREE!!!

Contact me for more information,

Cheers & Be Well,


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exercise & Core 4 Smoothie

Had an AWESOME workout with Wii EA Sports Active:

Dance; Tennis; Bicep Curl; Shoulder Raise, Shoulder Press; Lat Shoulder Raise; Warm-up Run; Long Run; In-Line Skating; Squats & Lunges (I cheated a little on this: joint pain in knees).......... Stop snickering! Wow, I broke a sweat.

My Rheumatologist and nutritionist say I do too much; however, I am focusing on welness. Now enjoying a Core 4 Lean Smoothie w/ Accelerate to restore energy. Used Oranges in Smoothie. Recipe info...

EZ Orange Smoothie

1 Scoop of Core 4 Lean Smoothie
(all natural; great tasting; vitamins, etc)

1/2 cup of ice (+ or - depends on the thickness desired; better if ice is crushed)

1/2 cup of water or fav juice (or + or - depends on the thickness desired)

1 Orange (peeled; sliced - tastes great if orange was refrigerated).

In blender, place crushed ice; juice/water; orange slices and 1 scoop of Core 4 Lean Vanilla Smoothie. Blend ingredients in blender -- I use the Vita Mix) and enjoy.

The Orange Smoothie is refreshing and a great pick me up. It enlightens the palate and has more of a fruity, tangy, tropical taste. You may add or use other fruits.

My fav is the Banana Smoothie.... Yummy! Frozen or Fresh bananas, the Bananna Smoothie has a smoother texture and is more calming, relaxing, & teasing to the palate.

Another Smoothie Posted by Dr. Amen.....

Mmmmmango Morning Smoothie! Fresh Mango, Pineapple, Broccoli, Strawberry, GingerShare..

These two things go through your juicer:

1/4 - 1/2 (depending on size) Fresh Pineapple (leave skin on) - chilled - rich in the enzyme Bromelain - a fab anti-inflammatory agent! Sports trauma, arthritis, sinusitis and other swelling including healing after surgery. Also helpful with easy bruising, hemorrhoids, gout, menstrual pain, autoimmune disorders, and colitis.

1-2 thumbs Ginger (leave skin on) helps warm the blood and aids in the digestion of the fiber of the fruits (no gas issues - 'cause that's not sexy)

These things get blended with your pineapple and ginger juice:

-5 to 8 big fat juicy Strawberries -chilled (leave the tops on. Always eat the strawberry leaves - great for the productive system/urinary tract.

-large handful of raw Broccoli heads

Why the broccoli? Research found a link between cruciferous vegetables and protection against cancer. Stop the growth of cancer cells for tumors in the breast, uterine lining (endometrium), lung, colon, liver, prostate cancer and cervixAlso cruciferous vegetables may help to reduce oxidative stress - the overload of harmful molecules called oxygen-free radicals.

-1/2 Fresh Mango (cut the fleshy jaw off the seed of the mango) Sweet antioxidants galore!

You can also add a couple of scoops of vitamin/mineral powder like 'ALL ONE' or 'Vega'. Great stuff for getting all you need. Vitamin tablets just don't work as effectively

Let's get ready to rumble! (Directions):

Blend the pineapple and ginger juice mix in the blender with all other ingredients. Serve immediately as significant nutrition is lost in most juices after an hour.

Posted by Dr. Amen

Core 4 Nutrient Infusion Weight Loss System
Get In on the Ground Floor. Cal NutraSciences (CNI) Official Launch scheduled for July 11, 2009!!! It's FREE

Cheers & Be Well,




Thursday, July 2, 2009

1st Week Results - Core 4 Nutrient Infusion Weight Loss System

I have tried the products for one week and lost 5 pounds!

Okay, I know most of you would say "that's water weight," but I know differently. How? Well, first of all, prior to this weight loss system, I lost 16.9 pounds. For two weeks, I was at a "plateau." At the recommendation of my neighbor and dear friend, I tried the system and it was easy! And it Works! Really!

The LEAN Vanilla Smoothie tastes great! I love it with banannas and strawberries. There are many other recipes I will try later and will mention in my next blog.

The ACCELERATE gives me natural energy and a feeling of fullness. They are hard case pills, but goes down easy with lots of water. I take one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon, as suggested.

The FLUSH, all natural, organic, works GENTLY. Does not cause cramping or that "rush" feeling. Just naturally and with ease (the best I can subscribe w/o giving too much information). The pills are encased in a light vegetable-like case that desolves easily and is taken at night -- up to two pills or more if needed.

CHEAT -- This product is awesome. I don't "cheat" often on my diet; lifestyle plan; whatever we call it -- but occasionally I find myself in situations where I have to eat something "off-plan." Well, I carry CHEAT with me in my purse -- it comes in a "salt-shaker style" or little packets you can carry around in your purse. I sprinkle this on the so-called forbbiden foods (the foods that are "off plan") and eliminate 25 percent of the total caloric value!!! So, now I can plan a "cheat" day; like this upcoming Fourth of July that I will be spending with my family and son who lives in Hampton, Virginia. What Fun! And I won't kick myself, or be so "hard on myself" if I eat something not on my special diet.

I know, I know. I will eventually post my before and after pictures. And, I have a wonderful surprise for those who need to get into that black dress like "Yesterday." More info to follow.

In the meantime, why not try Core 4. It works! It's easy -- just replace two meals with LEAN.. and eat one sensible meal -- you know the rest. And it tastes great! Not easy to find a protein shake -- in this case, "Smoothie" that actually tastes great!

Okay, I know you are ready for that awesome body... so Go Ahead... Get Your Cheat On!

Cheers & Be Well,



P.S. Oh, please check out my new website and leave comments: http://core4ezweightloss.com/

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trying Something New - It's Exploding the Market!


I have been on a long journey to health, fitness, and weight loss. Like many, I have tried lterally hundreds of products and failed. (Not necessairly the products; and sometimes, not necessarily me). We have all heard the saying that... "Diets Don't Work." Well, in my personal opinion, if you have a plan, e.g., a way of eating. lifestyle, whatever one may call it, you must work the paln.

In most cases, I must confess that "I Don't Work the Diet." Like, some, either I can't spare the expense given these economic times (I know, what price health?); or I get bored, or I just go off the plan one day because of Holidays, Birthdays, Special Days (Father's Day, Mother's Day), etc.

In other words.... I "Cheat" on my diet, lifestyle of eating, etc. Sometimes, I get right back on the wagon, horse, etc. Other times, I have said.... "just forget it!" Have you been there?

Well, my wonderful neighbor and friend introduced me to these brand new AWESOME health and weight loss products that are taking the market by storm: CNI Core 4 Nutrient Infusion System (officially launching July 10, 2009). These all-natural, organic products work synergistically and are designed to Fire up Energy, enduce fat-Burning, and promote Weight Loss. I know, I know, we've all heard that before! Yet, another weight loss product on the market! But, please hear me out, the testimonials that are coming in are phenominal!

Core 4 is designed to tackle the core are of the body wnhich is one of the most important areas to stimulate wieght loss, restore energy, and promote optimal health.

Please read further, you are going to be AMAZED!

The Products:

LEAN (Vanilla Smoothie)... A delicious way to get lean; amino acid and protein smoothie forumlate to

............Satisfy appetite
............Reduce food cravings
............Support Fat metabolism
............Increase sustained Energy
............Can be used as a Meal Replacement or Snack!

ACCELERATE - Become a calorie-burning dream machine!

............Stimulate the thermogenic fat burning and weight loss process
............Suppress appetite
............Promote energy and stamina

FLUSH - a detoxification fat burning sensation? A gentle organic, highly effective daily colon cleanse formulated to:

.............Boost fat burning
.............Support weight loss
.............Decrease bloating to create a flatter stomach
.............Improve digestion
.............Remove pollutants and toxins
.............Improve absorption of supplements
.............Restore Energy

and............. Drum Roll.......................Last but not least:

CHEAT - Go Ahead, Cheat and Eat. Would you like a safe, effective way of prevening 25% of the calories you eat being absorbed by your body? What if you could sprinkle small amounts of a tasteless healthy food additive on your favorite foods and eliminate 25% of those calories!

..............100% natural fiber
..............Eliminates up to 25% of calories eaten
..............Clinically proven to reduce weight
..............Tasteless and Effective
..............Patent Pending

Hallelujah! I can plan to "Cheat," for example, this past Father's Day when I sprinkled CHEAT on my favorite foods that were not "on plan." (I don't "Cheat" often, but when I do, I no longer put myself down or "kick myself" the next day for cheating.). Isn't this exciting news! I know, I'm excited.

Additionaly, we all know protein shakes, but I want to tell you the Lean Smoothie tastes great! Like some protein shakes, you can mix it with various fruits and there are only 44 calories per serving (which is 1 scoop); so you can use it as a snack or meal replacement (by adding the fruits, etc.). Oh, just add water which, of course, is "Zero" calories!

Just A Few Testimonials -

"In less than Four days, I've already lost 5 pounds! This is the best weight loss I have EVER experienced because I'm losing it all around my stomach area! Believ eme, once you experience CORE 4, yuou will kow we have the BIGGEST opportunity on the planet to help people with health challenges!"
Tom, California

"After having my children, I could never seem to regain my pre-pregnancy weight -- until I took CORE 4. Within 9 days of using the CORE 4 system, I Lost 9 Pounds And the Baby Fat is Almost Gone!!! My skinny jeans are now baggy! Thanks CNI for creating this amazing group of products that are shrinking my stomach, in a healthy way! CNI CORE 4..Amazing Company...Amazing Products...Amazing Results!"
Erin, Massachusetts

"CORE 4 is so easy! I began CORE 4, 10 days ago..since then I have Lost 8 pounds. My snacking has stopped, my digestion has improved, and I find myself excitedly keeping track of my weight loss. I think what pleases me the most is that once I lose all my excess weight, I will have adopted a regimen that I can follow for life. Thanks to CORE 4, I know that I am on track to make it happen!"
Frank, Texas.

"I am a Regisstered Nurse with 23 years of Critical Care experience. During the past 16 years, I have been involved in nutritionals and for the last seven or so years, I owned and operated a wellness/weight loss center. My weight loss program was very successful, but didn't come close to what I see happening to myself and others with CORE 4. This is simply the best combination of products I have ever seen! I have lost 22 pounds over a 5 week period and my blood sugars have improved to where I could reduce the amount of insulin I need to take."
David, Texas

Now, follow my WEIGHT LOSS Journey and watch me shrink...........

Cheers and Be Well,


Now there were some statements here that I am compelled to note that: The CNI products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. And, as we kjnow, the weight loss experiences of individuals may vay depending on diet and exercise.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Working Out with EA Sports Active

Hello Friends.... Miss you all! I had a slight Lupus flare-up, so I have been MIA for a while. Well, I am back because I will not succumb to this devasting disease. I rested for some lenght of time and decided to try out the new EA Sports Active, which was released May, 19, 2009, two days AFTER my birthday.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the intensity level with EA Sports Active, so I started on the low level.

Having Lupus, I have to be a little careful, cautious, and selective about the type of exercises I performed, so I loved the fact the EA Sports provided those options. Although I thought I would miss the ‘cartoonie’ effect that I enjoy with my Wii Fit, I really loved the EA Sport Active workout.

I enjoyed the circuit/interval training, the pace, the instructional videos, so I was never bored, and the exercises were challenging and fun!

After the circuit training, I received a good workout (sweaty, heart rate was up, and feeling good) but decided that I would up the ante a bit during my next day’s session — go for medium intensity. However, I obviously had not realized the effect of the intensity of my performance until I noticed the next morning that my muscles were aching/responding (especially my thighs-- and Lord knows they need a work-out because all my weight falls on my knees). So, I decided to remain on the Low Level Intensity for just a little bit longer! (Now, if you lived with Lupus as long as I have, you definitely are aware of the difference between joint pain from Lupus and muscle aches from exercising).

Overall it was a great, fun, and no-nonsense workout! It did not take long at all to set-up my Profile on EA Sports Active (just couldn't decide on the outfit color), and you have a choice of keeping the programmed exercises or selecting from the list those exercises that you chose to perform. After making my exercise choices, if in the midst of performing I discover that I should not perform a certain exercise, it was easily skipped!

I opted to do the 30-day challenge. So, I will keep you posted.

Cheers & Be Well!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Creating a Fitness Routine

Creating a Fitness Routine with 4-Star Golden Circle and Athlete Suzan Hart

1) Accountability - Have a Partner or two or three people that you can exercise with.

2) Speak your goals into Existence – Tell everybody what you are doing, "I’m entering the _______ Challenge. My goal is to lose 'x' amount of pounds and get my body into the best shape of my life."

- Tell the world because as soon as you do, people are going to relate to you differently.
- You have actually closed the back door because now you have made it so real
that your environment will change.

- People will support you, they will encourage you, they will hold you accountable.

- Suddenly, you become a lot more accountable.
- You create an environment that’s in alignment with what you want to achieve.

So, don’t keep your goals to yourself. Don’t make it a secret. Make them very real and ask people, tell them…. "I need you to support me, hold me on, make me accountable, cheer me on, call me; check in with me." And, then, you are setting up a space where people are holding you accountable.

3) Creating a schedule in your calendar for your exercise program. Maintain a journal for exercise and for healthy eating. Make it a standing appointment; make it a priority. Build your schedule around your workout and also build your schedule around healthy eating.

4) Plan/schedule your meals. Make time for those meals to nourish your body and keep you on track.

5) Start exercising at your level of fitness and monitor your progress. Listen to your body and be aware of where you are at. Again start where it is comfortable.

6) Working out can be fun if you choose exercises that work for you and exercises comport with your level of fitness.

7) Warm up – running on the spot, treadmill, a little bit of stretching. Stretching increases your range of motion; protects you from injury. Get your body ready before you work out.

8) Make sure you are properly hydrated.

9) Mix it up to stay energized and excited.

10) Celebrate success

Cheers & Be Well,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enter to Win A Wii Fit and more with the Wii Mommies!

It’s time for the Wii Mommies March Twitter Party for the Cool Mom Guide to Fitness sponsored entirely by Acebeach.com, for all your gaming needs! Acebeach.com is offering readers a special discount. Use coupon code wiimoms and you can get $10 off your purchase of $100 or more and they have the Wii Fit and other great fitness games for the Nintendo Wii in stock! You can get lucky with #wiimoms at their Blog Swap and Twitter Party! Here are some details-

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Here’s ways to gain extra entries to win this prize:

1) Sign up to be a part of the Blog Swing at Sarah’s Real Life Blog
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All entries will be via comment under this post and a winner will be chosen the day of the Twitter party- March 14, 2009 and announced sometime during the party that will go on from 8-10PM EST.

While you need not be present at the party at the time the winner is announced, you must attend the party at some point in the evening and participate using the hashtag #wiimoms.

For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, here’s our handy TWITTER GUIDE. Trust me, it’s great fun! If a winner is not verified by Sunday morning at 12pm EST, we will use random.org to draw another winner.

The winner will be selected using the integer generator function on http://www.random.org/. The winner will be announced sometime during the Twitter Party on 3/14/09 and posted on the Wii Mommies site the following day.

Check each site to enter all the great giveaways!

The Wii Mommies Cool Mom Guide to Fitness
The Cool Mom Guide
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Cheers & Be Well,



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wii Fit Mommies Twitter Bling Party!

The Wii Fit Mommies from the Cool Mom Guide to Fitness are at it again and this time it’s gonna be HUGE!

When: Friday, February 13, 2009
Time: 8-10PM EST
Where: Twitter
What: Wiimoms ‘Lots of Love (Handles) to Give’ Twitter Bling Party brought to you by ChicExecs PR and AceBeach!

Give-A-Ways: Enter to win the Grand Prize Package. Package includes-
1 Rock Bud retractable earphones
1 Chic Bud retractable earphones with Swarovski Crystals
1 Fumi purse accessory
1 Wii Fit

For More information, check out http://fitness.coolmomguide.com/wiimoms-bling/

Cheers & Be Well!



Monday, February 2, 2009

The Cat Ate My Wii!!!

Yes, you read it correctly. That Cat Ate My Wii!!!! As you know from the previous post, I just hooked up the Wii and Wii Fit on Friday and I created Miis for my DH, teen daughter, and myself. In fact, because of my excitement, I exercised for two hours straight -- playing step aerobics, and winning the ability to open/dowload free new or advanced games! I only stopped because my daugther saw that I was having so much fun and she wanted to join in, so she tried the yoga! Later that evening, my DH tried the jogging exercise/game a few times.

Some time between Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon, the cat ate my Wii! Now, cat lovers please do not get offended, but I am not very partial to cats. My daugther and DH adopted this cat, well then it was a kitten, from the animal shelter, and named her Leila aka Snot or Kitty. I did feel some sympathy for the cat when immediately after adoption, it was found that the kitten had some crate disease. I cared for the kitten, took her to the vet, and it cost us mucho dollars -- I almost passed out when I was given the bill. (We could have bought two... no three.. thoroughbreds!

Well, while DH and my daughter were busy loving, playing and spoiling the cat, I was training the cat -- as I had trained our two Bichon Friese (Ginger and Jasmine). The cat responds to a few -- actually, a number of words such as "no" "go to the basement;" "go back in the house" and she does not jump on furniture counter tops, etc. And, there are certain rooms the cat is not allowed in (especially my office and bedroom -- due to health issues); and, the cat knows to stay outside of those rooms. Now, with encouragement from my daughter, she has sneaked in a forbidden rooms a few times, but when the cat hear my footsteps, she leaves the room immediately; sits outside the room innocently and acts like nothing happened -- as if I didn't hear her running paw steps. Other than that, I can leave the doors open, and the cat will remain outside the forbidden rooms.

We do have just a few wires around the home hooked up to outlets, etc., but Kitty (first time I used her name here because I am upset with her right now)... Kitty would not chew the wires. She has attacked two of my daughter's earphones -- but mainly because my daughter plays "come, Snot, run after the earphones that looks like a long string!" Snot is the nickname my daughter gave to Leila aka Kitty because when Kitty had the crate disease from the animal shelter, Kitty, in addition to other symptoms, had a very constant runny nose and would sneeze 'snot' everywhere -- very visble on floors, desk, etc. Now, when we first observed Kitty at the shelter, she was very active, running around, playing, etc. Less than a week later she was at the Vet with a crate illness that the Vet said was "common" among sheltered animals.

Well, we have had Kitty for over four years now, and for some reason -- probably because my daughter has been allowing certain 'illegal' or should I say 'banded' cat behaviors around the house ..........that cat ate my brand new; one day used, Wii! She cut into the sensor board wire, and it took some time for me to figure out why the Wii wasn't working. I was shocked to discover that the wire appeared to be cut in half. Now, for those of you -- like my daughter who said, "that's why I don't leave wires around" -- think that I just left the wire hanging for the cat, you are mistaken. The sensor wire was "wrapped," and the cat bit into the area that plugs into the Wii!

Now, my first thought was "vengence." But, could it be that Leila, aka Kitty or Snot, is a vigilante cat! Waiting until she was older to attack personal objects belonging to her trainer? After all, DH's wires -- thick and thin -- were all over his office; and, I have a few computer wires in my office -- so why the Wii. Could it be jealousy? I had my daughter's complete undivided attention for five plus hours on Friday!

Whatever the reason, I had a family meeting about Kitty, and we (Kitty and I) will be taking a vacation from each other for a few days.

Cheers & Be Well!


Oh, yes, I almost forgot -- I lost 6 pounds this week!


Friday, January 30, 2009

My Fitness Friday

Well, there is a cool contest going on at Wii Fit mommies, and today is the last day. The final quest is to post a Fitness Friday! Well, here is mine.

This week, I have focused on my caloric intake and calorie expenditures by using the BodyBugg. I have posted everywhere about this unique gadget and have received positive responses from others using the BodyBugg or those who just have questions.

The most newest gadget that I received for Christmas is the Wii Sport Console and just recently I received the Wii Fit. So, I have been reading directions on how to set up the Wii and I am making great progress. The Wii should be set up today, and I can't wait to get started.

I have been faithfully tracking my meals and exercise -- using the BodyBugg Management System. I am hoping to increase my exercise starting next week -- especially with adding Wii Fit and Zuma (dance video). Sometimes the Lupus holds me back from exercising -- but it can't stop me from "moving" because I am still buring calories and I have a daily goal to meet on the BodyBugg.

This week was a time of reflection -- getting to learn and know my body. Remembering to progress to a Mean Green Machine by feeding it nutritious healthy foods, Exercising and Resting. (I saw on another blog the acronym "RED" (Resting, Exercising, & Diet). I felt that this is a good acronym to hold onto as a positive influence for my subconscious to conscious mind. I also recognized the importance of loving myself and that it is not selfish to be selfish because I have been self-less; always putting other things, situations, etc. before me. So, I am learning to focus on my health, getting healthly, and living a healthy lifestyle -- which when you think about it really isn't selfish because how can I help others if I am not in full form? And, how can I help others if I do not show them that, it can be done no matter your physical condition.

To end in a big way, let's all raise our hands giving ouselves a "High-Five" and in a resounding, voice say, "Yes WE Can!"

Cheers to Good Health & Be Well,



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where Have I Been?

I know I have been missed. Well.... to make a long story short: First, there were the finals -- I took on more than I could handle, but still "A-ced" all the finals and made the Dean's List! Second, I was challenged yet again with the Lupus-thing. And, third, my notebook was sent out for repairs (thank goodness for the warranty); and returned still not fixed! So, I have to mail it once again for repairs. My DH let me borrow his notebook..... just for the moment.

Christmas was wonderful -- I got everything I wanted and.... then some! That includes the Bodybugg (featured on the Biggest Loser), and the Wii (the Wii fit came after Christmas because of its popularity). I've always wanted to try Carol's Daughter line of products -- and received lots of it for Christmas. And, DH brought me the lastest and newest digital camcorder! There were so many other wonderful gifts that my DH and daughters and son presented to me at Christmas -- it was so overwhleming, heartfelt, and just an awesome Christmas to be with family and friends. Thank you Family!!!

I must share with you first about the Bodybugg by 24 hour Fitness and featured on the Biggest Loser television show. The Bodybugg armband is a small, sleek device worn on your upper left arm that tracks how many calories you burn every minute of the day and night. The complete weight management system includes a free 6-month on-line subscription service that tracks caloric intake, calories, burned, steps taken, goals, provides a wealth of health and weight loss information, and calorie deficits. There is an optional digital display that provides real time data so you do not necessarily have to subscribed to the on-line program -- but I highly recommend the subscription because it is packed with information to help you manage your weight and lose weight safely. The newest V3 Bodybugg is lighter in weight, MAC compatible, black, less irritable to the arm, and can be charged via your computer.

I now know exactly how many calories I need to burn in order to lose approximately 2 pounds a week based on my caloric intake. My nutritionist recommends that I eat approximately 1300 calores per day; so based on that information and the info I input into the system regarding my weight loss goals, the Bodybugg system provides information as to how many calories one needs to burn to meet their goals. (Originally, when my nutritionist advised how much calories I needed to expend in order to lose weight, I had no idea how I was going to exercise that much! She also told me not to worry because I expended calories when I was sleeping, reading, houseworking, etc.) Now, with the Bodybugg, I completely understand that calories can be burned even during sleep but also I know exactly how many calories I burn when I sleep, etc.

I love the digital display because I can see in real time if I met my daily goals; and, if not, I just take a walk or get on the treadmill, etc. Also, if I do not meet my stated goals, the on line system advises what I need to do, etc. The Bodybugg weight management systems is not only a challenge, but also so much fun. I am encouraged to not only meet my exercise goals but also exceed them -- which can be adjusted anytime via the weight management system.

Well, I could go on and on about the Bodybugg weight management system. There is so much more to the system than described. It is so well worth the money. Right now, I believe one can purchase the Bodybugg for $249.00 at 24 hour fitness website (that includes the Digital Display that can be worn as a watch or attachment; 6 months' on-line subscription; and free consultation with a Trainer). It is well worth the money.

How has my life and health changed for the better: Well, what this means for me is that my A1C blood glucose levels have now improved! I am, as you know, on several medications (see previous post for pictures). Because of my high blood glucose levels (due to meds and lupus and weight), my A1C was 8.0 which is very high -- it should be below 6.0. So, I am taking the strongest dosage for Januvia, Glyburide, Metformin, and Insulin! The latest test indicated that my A1C is now ............ drum roll 6.5!!!!! Wheeeeeee Whoooooo! I know that this is due to Isagenix (healthy eating); the BodyBugg (managing caloric intake and expenditure)!

Eating Plan -- Well most of you know that I am on Isagenix. I have to admit that the Isalean Shake coupled with the cleansing program have provided lots of energy, and I am now taking just a little less pain medications. It's a start given the amount of meds I take (what was it 32 meds per day?)

Exercising -- In addition to my workout videos -- I will describe later because my post is getting too long and Exercise TV's the Biggest Loser 30 day Shred and PowerSculpt with the Biggest Loser Life Coach and Trainer, Jillian Michaels. Next I will include my Wii Fit!!!

I must end this -- I'm chatting so much because it has been too long and I really want to get you up to date with my healthly weight loss journey. So, my next post will be on the Exercise Videos and Healthy Eating and the Wii Fit which I can't wait to try out and post my review!

Cheers and Be Well!