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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exercise & Core 4 Smoothie

Had an AWESOME workout with Wii EA Sports Active:

Dance; Tennis; Bicep Curl; Shoulder Raise, Shoulder Press; Lat Shoulder Raise; Warm-up Run; Long Run; In-Line Skating; Squats & Lunges (I cheated a little on this: joint pain in knees).......... Stop snickering! Wow, I broke a sweat.

My Rheumatologist and nutritionist say I do too much; however, I am focusing on welness. Now enjoying a Core 4 Lean Smoothie w/ Accelerate to restore energy. Used Oranges in Smoothie. Recipe info...

EZ Orange Smoothie

1 Scoop of Core 4 Lean Smoothie
(all natural; great tasting; vitamins, etc)

1/2 cup of ice (+ or - depends on the thickness desired; better if ice is crushed)

1/2 cup of water or fav juice (or + or - depends on the thickness desired)

1 Orange (peeled; sliced - tastes great if orange was refrigerated).

In blender, place crushed ice; juice/water; orange slices and 1 scoop of Core 4 Lean Vanilla Smoothie. Blend ingredients in blender -- I use the Vita Mix) and enjoy.

The Orange Smoothie is refreshing and a great pick me up. It enlightens the palate and has more of a fruity, tangy, tropical taste. You may add or use other fruits.

My fav is the Banana Smoothie.... Yummy! Frozen or Fresh bananas, the Bananna Smoothie has a smoother texture and is more calming, relaxing, & teasing to the palate.

Another Smoothie Posted by Dr. Amen.....

Mmmmmango Morning Smoothie! Fresh Mango, Pineapple, Broccoli, Strawberry, GingerShare..

These two things go through your juicer:

1/4 - 1/2 (depending on size) Fresh Pineapple (leave skin on) - chilled - rich in the enzyme Bromelain - a fab anti-inflammatory agent! Sports trauma, arthritis, sinusitis and other swelling including healing after surgery. Also helpful with easy bruising, hemorrhoids, gout, menstrual pain, autoimmune disorders, and colitis.

1-2 thumbs Ginger (leave skin on) helps warm the blood and aids in the digestion of the fiber of the fruits (no gas issues - 'cause that's not sexy)

These things get blended with your pineapple and ginger juice:

-5 to 8 big fat juicy Strawberries -chilled (leave the tops on. Always eat the strawberry leaves - great for the productive system/urinary tract.

-large handful of raw Broccoli heads

Why the broccoli? Research found a link between cruciferous vegetables and protection against cancer. Stop the growth of cancer cells for tumors in the breast, uterine lining (endometrium), lung, colon, liver, prostate cancer and cervixAlso cruciferous vegetables may help to reduce oxidative stress - the overload of harmful molecules called oxygen-free radicals.

-1/2 Fresh Mango (cut the fleshy jaw off the seed of the mango) Sweet antioxidants galore!

You can also add a couple of scoops of vitamin/mineral powder like 'ALL ONE' or 'Vega'. Great stuff for getting all you need. Vitamin tablets just don't work as effectively

Let's get ready to rumble! (Directions):

Blend the pineapple and ginger juice mix in the blender with all other ingredients. Serve immediately as significant nutrition is lost in most juices after an hour.

Posted by Dr. Amen

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