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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Biggest "Cheater!"



CNI is putting you to the ultimate Body Makeover Challenge—“Biggest Cheater”. If you’re ready to lose the weight, shed the inches and get healthier using CORE4 or you know someone who is, CNI is ready to reward you with serious cash.

Win a Share of $25,000

CNI will be rewarding the TOP FIVE (5) “Biggest Cheater” participants with the best, documented CORE4 results, photos and story, and their Direct Sponsors with Cash Prizes and Recognition on Stage in January 2010.

5 “Biggest Cheater” Winners = $3,500 each
5 “Biggest Cheater” Winning Sponsors = $1,500 each

PLUS, the five winners from "The Biggest Cheater” challenge will be placed in a special drawing where one of the lucky winners will receive a complete Hair, Make-up and Fashion Make-over at our next event.

The "Biggest Cheater" Contest Details
Contest Period: July 13th 2009 through November 13th 2009 (11:59 am PST)

Participants must register with CNI in the Back Office and then document their results (weight, inches, cholesterol, triglycerides, and before and after photos with a newspaper visible in each picture for date verification).

You will also be required to write a brief story about your weight loss experience with CNI and CORE4. Submittals without appropriate documentation will not be accepted.

Winners and their Sponsors will be judged on both their "Before" and "After" Photos, as well as their weight loss results and the story that is submitted. The Top 5 winners of "The Biggest Cheater" will be announced November 30, 2009 via email and will receive their Cash Prizes and be recognized at our next CNI Corporate Event to be held in early 2010.
Winners and Sponsors must be present at the event to receive all prizes.

Who Can Enter: "The Biggest Cheater" is open to anyone that is 18 years of age or older. Challenge Participants must also be active CNI Sales Reps. NOTE: CNI strongly recommends that participants consult a physician before entering "The Biggest Cheater" CNI Body Makeover Challenge and using the CNI Products or CORE4 System.

How to get Started (REQUIREMENTS):
Login to your CNI Back Office to Register for "The Biggest Cheater" Challenge.

Purchase a minimum of a Pro-Pack and be on Autoship for "The Biggest Cheater" Challenge Period.

Take your "Before" and "After" photos. All Photos must have a date visible on the picture. We also suggest that you take 2 pictures at the same time (one with a date visible using a newspaper, and one without). This will enable us to validate the period of time for your weight loss, as well as have clean pictures should we use them on the CNI website, videos or in future publications and other media.

Joining is FREE!!!

Contact me for more information,

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