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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trying Something New - It's Exploding the Market!


I have been on a long journey to health, fitness, and weight loss. Like many, I have tried lterally hundreds of products and failed. (Not necessairly the products; and sometimes, not necessarily me). We have all heard the saying that... "Diets Don't Work." Well, in my personal opinion, if you have a plan, e.g., a way of eating. lifestyle, whatever one may call it, you must work the paln.

In most cases, I must confess that "I Don't Work the Diet." Like, some, either I can't spare the expense given these economic times (I know, what price health?); or I get bored, or I just go off the plan one day because of Holidays, Birthdays, Special Days (Father's Day, Mother's Day), etc.

In other words.... I "Cheat" on my diet, lifestyle of eating, etc. Sometimes, I get right back on the wagon, horse, etc. Other times, I have said.... "just forget it!" Have you been there?

Well, my wonderful neighbor and friend introduced me to these brand new AWESOME health and weight loss products that are taking the market by storm: CNI Core 4 Nutrient Infusion System (officially launching July 10, 2009). These all-natural, organic products work synergistically and are designed to Fire up Energy, enduce fat-Burning, and promote Weight Loss. I know, I know, we've all heard that before! Yet, another weight loss product on the market! But, please hear me out, the testimonials that are coming in are phenominal!

Core 4 is designed to tackle the core are of the body wnhich is one of the most important areas to stimulate wieght loss, restore energy, and promote optimal health.

Please read further, you are going to be AMAZED!

The Products:

LEAN (Vanilla Smoothie)... A delicious way to get lean; amino acid and protein smoothie forumlate to

............Satisfy appetite
............Reduce food cravings
............Support Fat metabolism
............Increase sustained Energy
............Can be used as a Meal Replacement or Snack!

ACCELERATE - Become a calorie-burning dream machine!

............Stimulate the thermogenic fat burning and weight loss process
............Suppress appetite
............Promote energy and stamina

FLUSH - a detoxification fat burning sensation? A gentle organic, highly effective daily colon cleanse formulated to:

.............Boost fat burning
.............Support weight loss
.............Decrease bloating to create a flatter stomach
.............Improve digestion
.............Remove pollutants and toxins
.............Improve absorption of supplements
.............Restore Energy

and............. Drum Roll.......................Last but not least:

CHEAT - Go Ahead, Cheat and Eat. Would you like a safe, effective way of prevening 25% of the calories you eat being absorbed by your body? What if you could sprinkle small amounts of a tasteless healthy food additive on your favorite foods and eliminate 25% of those calories!

..............100% natural fiber
..............Eliminates up to 25% of calories eaten
..............Clinically proven to reduce weight
..............Tasteless and Effective
..............Patent Pending

Hallelujah! I can plan to "Cheat," for example, this past Father's Day when I sprinkled CHEAT on my favorite foods that were not "on plan." (I don't "Cheat" often, but when I do, I no longer put myself down or "kick myself" the next day for cheating.). Isn't this exciting news! I know, I'm excited.

Additionaly, we all know protein shakes, but I want to tell you the Lean Smoothie tastes great! Like some protein shakes, you can mix it with various fruits and there are only 44 calories per serving (which is 1 scoop); so you can use it as a snack or meal replacement (by adding the fruits, etc.). Oh, just add water which, of course, is "Zero" calories!

Just A Few Testimonials -

"In less than Four days, I've already lost 5 pounds! This is the best weight loss I have EVER experienced because I'm losing it all around my stomach area! Believ eme, once you experience CORE 4, yuou will kow we have the BIGGEST opportunity on the planet to help people with health challenges!"
Tom, California

"After having my children, I could never seem to regain my pre-pregnancy weight -- until I took CORE 4. Within 9 days of using the CORE 4 system, I Lost 9 Pounds And the Baby Fat is Almost Gone!!! My skinny jeans are now baggy! Thanks CNI for creating this amazing group of products that are shrinking my stomach, in a healthy way! CNI CORE 4..Amazing Company...Amazing Products...Amazing Results!"
Erin, Massachusetts

"CORE 4 is so easy! I began CORE 4, 10 days ago..since then I have Lost 8 pounds. My snacking has stopped, my digestion has improved, and I find myself excitedly keeping track of my weight loss. I think what pleases me the most is that once I lose all my excess weight, I will have adopted a regimen that I can follow for life. Thanks to CORE 4, I know that I am on track to make it happen!"
Frank, Texas.

"I am a Regisstered Nurse with 23 years of Critical Care experience. During the past 16 years, I have been involved in nutritionals and for the last seven or so years, I owned and operated a wellness/weight loss center. My weight loss program was very successful, but didn't come close to what I see happening to myself and others with CORE 4. This is simply the best combination of products I have ever seen! I have lost 22 pounds over a 5 week period and my blood sugars have improved to where I could reduce the amount of insulin I need to take."
David, Texas

Now, follow my WEIGHT LOSS Journey and watch me shrink...........

Cheers and Be Well,


Now there were some statements here that I am compelled to note that: The CNI products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. And, as we kjnow, the weight loss experiences of individuals may vay depending on diet and exercise.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Working Out with EA Sports Active

Hello Friends.... Miss you all! I had a slight Lupus flare-up, so I have been MIA for a while. Well, I am back because I will not succumb to this devasting disease. I rested for some lenght of time and decided to try out the new EA Sports Active, which was released May, 19, 2009, two days AFTER my birthday.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the intensity level with EA Sports Active, so I started on the low level.

Having Lupus, I have to be a little careful, cautious, and selective about the type of exercises I performed, so I loved the fact the EA Sports provided those options. Although I thought I would miss the ‘cartoonie’ effect that I enjoy with my Wii Fit, I really loved the EA Sport Active workout.

I enjoyed the circuit/interval training, the pace, the instructional videos, so I was never bored, and the exercises were challenging and fun!

After the circuit training, I received a good workout (sweaty, heart rate was up, and feeling good) but decided that I would up the ante a bit during my next day’s session — go for medium intensity. However, I obviously had not realized the effect of the intensity of my performance until I noticed the next morning that my muscles were aching/responding (especially my thighs-- and Lord knows they need a work-out because all my weight falls on my knees). So, I decided to remain on the Low Level Intensity for just a little bit longer! (Now, if you lived with Lupus as long as I have, you definitely are aware of the difference between joint pain from Lupus and muscle aches from exercising).

Overall it was a great, fun, and no-nonsense workout! It did not take long at all to set-up my Profile on EA Sports Active (just couldn't decide on the outfit color), and you have a choice of keeping the programmed exercises or selecting from the list those exercises that you chose to perform. After making my exercise choices, if in the midst of performing I discover that I should not perform a certain exercise, it was easily skipped!

I opted to do the 30-day challenge. So, I will keep you posted.

Cheers & Be Well!