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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Team Partners On FIYAH!!!


Babs.. Me..

My TLC Back office.. Finally caught
up with me...... Director!!
I cannot thank my leadership and team enough... So very grateful! and humbled..... And I love seeing their growth in this business... We are..Birthing more Directors.. Team Live Large!!! Let's Grow!!! Next!!

Winner! Winner!  Thank You TLC!!

I entered and Won..The Jump Back I Gotta Taste It Myself Sweepstakes

Just received my Winnings!
Iaso Cafe Black


The BEST Part of Waking UP...
It's been some time since I posted an update re my Blood Glucose Levels... Morning Results!! Remarkable..
Iaso Tea -- More than just a Detox & Weight Loss Product..
To the Right - After Hospitalization Release with High BG level & Insulin
To the Far left - My Personal Results After My Iaso tea
To the Bottomt --- Still Working This Morning's BG meter Reading.
... Results! ... It still works!!

Featuring - Jules

Congratulations to my team member and Business Partner Jules aka Kay Successfulgirl for hosting her very first TLC Business Presentation (3/29)..... without Products!!!
(Jules joined TLC 3/19/15)
Results... New Customer and a new Business Partner...
WTG Jules!!! (Did you say you presented with your cell phone)!!!
This lady is on FIYAH...

Featuring Just A few More...of our Team Members:

- Diedre-Ann

Congratulations and welcome to our newest team member and business partner, Diedre-Ann Grant! Diedre-Ann just recently joined and is already out of the gate running with her first customer and her mom is signing up as a business partner! Go Diedre-Ann!! Again, welcome to the team! You are going to love the TLC journey!


Congratulations and welcome to my neighbor, friend and newest business partner, Clarence Matthews! I've been talking to Clarence about the TLC business, sharing my testimony.... and being the entrepreneur that he is, I discovered that he just showed up in my back office -- signed up to joint venture with me and TLC! How cool is that! He's an action taker! Welcome again Clarence! You're going to love the TLC journey!


Congratulations and welcome to our newest team member and business partner, Kimbela Hinds! Kimbela did her research, was excited about the opportunity of health and wealth, and made the decision to sign up and join TLC. She's definitely a fire-cracker! Welcome again Kimbela! You are going to love the TLC journey!

Join our Winning Team,

Barbara "Babs" Asante - IBO# 2947571
TLC Director
Health & Wellness Coach

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