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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Advertising/Social Network Platform - YourNight.com.. The New Enhanced FaceBook?

A great place to Network and advertise your business is the new and upcoming Social Network Platform, YourNight.

YourNight.com is a unique, invitation only social network with numerous features and a member based affiliate program. The first of its kind, this network allows subscribers to have separate professional, personal, and dating profiles, as well as make cash rewards from referrals, purchases from shopping, and travel applications.

Fun and Exciting...this Social Networking Site allows you to access other social networks like...Facebook, Twitter, MySpace...LinkedIn, YouTube,...etc. on one page!

This New Social Networking Platform employs Cutting Edege features and technologies to compensate it's members for referring new members, saves you up to 20% on purchases at stores like Walmart, Target, Overstock, BestBuy and over 7000 others! More privacy with 5 free profiles instead of just one. When you post and update your status, etc., you can allow all your "Friends" to see it or just some with the click of your mouse.

Have a business you would like to start up? This platform offers not only a free website but a shopping cart and means for customer payments to get to your bank account or paypal account!

Need more exposure for your current business? Free website with easy to use "Do it Yourself" tools to attract millions of members 24-7.

Need to supplement or replace income? Done! Lots of ways to create a permanent self regenerating monthly income. Work to set it up and go play! Work is done and cash goes in your bank account like clock work. Did I mention you can join for FREE!!!

To get started, Join Free Here Then e-mail me for tutorials and Webinar Training Dates.

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