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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Belly Fat - The Dangers & What We Can Do!!!

Belly Fat is why it is incredibly important to Detox when you are losing weight. Belly Fat is a health hazard. What is considered too much belly fat: Ladies (over 35 inches); Men (over 40 inches) are in obese range. Once you are in that range, you now have a serious health hazard (almost like you are carrying an extra bag of Cheetos wrapped around your waist; pulling your organs out of position, weighing on your knees causing much knee degeneration due to excess weight).

The fat in belly is called visceral fat. Visceral fat is adipose tissue that is packed in between and around your internal organs. Visceral fat creates or secretes estrogen which creates hormone imbalances. So even guys with a waist over 40 inches and have that belly fat.. that fat (visceral fat) is creating estrogen in their bodies. These men will eventually have low testosterone levels; and, with estrogen fat secreting all day long it is going to dramatically increase chances of getting prostrate cancer. Excess estrogen may also create cancers in women's breast; so, belly fat is extremely dangerous.

Visceral fat creates inflammatory molecules which leads to free radicals. Free radicals levels increases dramatically the larger the belly. Free radicals damage organ tissue; can damage cardiovascular tissue. Belly fat is wrapped around deep internal arteries and it can prevent the arterial wall from being flexible. In order to have normal blood pressure, the arterial wall will have to extend when there is excess blood and fluid in the arteries; it has to be able to contract when there is less blood in the arteries. If it cannot do that because it is held because of the fat packed around it, you are going to have hypertension. And, many medications for hypertension can damage your kidneys.

Excess body fat creates dame to the skeletal structure and creates osteoarthritis. (As a side note, Dr. Witherspoon noted that she personally got 17 women who had a limp or hip pain and were on canes to try the Ardyss Women's T-Shirt. Within minutes of trying on the Ardyss garment, they were off their canes. The Ardyss garment restores proper structure to the spine to distribute weight properly.).

Visceral fat also creates cardiovascular disease; not just high blood pressure; but harming the heart itself. The one disease that the majority of people get is diabetes caused from having visceral fat. Diabetes can lead to kidney damage, loss of appendages, and hypertension.

Cause of belly fat: Inactivity. Make time for exercise. Walking 30 minutes at a rapid pace around the building where you work, etc. That is the minimal amount of exercise necessary for you to remain healthy and to begin to lose this very dangerous visceral fat.

Another major cause of belly fat is sweeteners in all forms. Drinking 1/8 oz of fruit juice is equal to 1/4 pound of sugar. Sodas, candy, smoothies -- 8 oz smoothies with bananas and fruit is similar to drinking 1/2 pound of sugar.People are drinking pounds of sugar. The body cannot utilize that much sugar. It immediately turns all that sugar into belly fat. Eating fast, eating late at night, stress all can dramatically increase cortisone levels which increases blood sugars; high blood sugar increases belly fat.

WHAT DO WE DO: Our Wonderful Ardyss Garments; Ardyss have some wonderful nutrients as one loses weight. As one loses weight, the belly fat creates inflammatory molecules -- it has all the toxins that you are exposed to. (It is now documented that belly fat holds jet fuel; if you clean with Ajax, bleach, etc., it is in your belly fat because it was inhaled. Other toxins found in the belly include: Hair spray, pain, paint refinishes, floor varnishes.

So, as you are loosing weight, those toxins are going to be released in the blood. It is good to wear the Ardyss garment and exercise; but you also need to take the Le'Vive Red to reduce Free Radicals that are being created by inflammatory molecules. (Take 2 oz of Le'Vive to continually reduce the inflammatory molecules AND Ardyss Green 29. Green 29 will help one to lose weight and have components and nutrients specific for detox and weight loss. When detoxing, you lose all the bad stuff (the toxins); but you also lose good nutrients. Green 29 put those nutrients back into the body.

Recommendation: Use Ardyss Cleansing products: AM/PM or Ultra Body Cleanse to remove the environmental toxins and cellular waste so the toxins are removed through the bowels; being secreted through the pores while wearing the Ardyss Garment; and removed while exercising. Lose belly fat to avoid cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, avoid diabetes, avoid hypertension which could possibly lead to strokes.

We (Ardyss) have lots of solutions to help people lose weight, help raise metabolic levels, and help put out the inflammatory molecules. All these products will help them lose that belly fat safely so that the toxins that come out of the belly fat does not circulate back into the tissues -- but actually moves out properly.

If a customer wants to purchase a Body Magic Garment and the goal is to lose weight -- the ethical thing to do is to say, "look, the nutritionist recommends that you use a cleansing product -- am/pm -- so that the toxins that are coming out of the fat are going out through the proper channels and not circulating back into the blood.

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