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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Working Out with EA Sports Active

Hello Friends.... Miss you all! I had a slight Lupus flare-up, so I have been MIA for a while. Well, I am back because I will not succumb to this devasting disease. I rested for some lenght of time and decided to try out the new EA Sports Active, which was released May, 19, 2009, two days AFTER my birthday.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the intensity level with EA Sports Active, so I started on the low level.

Having Lupus, I have to be a little careful, cautious, and selective about the type of exercises I performed, so I loved the fact the EA Sports provided those options. Although I thought I would miss the ‘cartoonie’ effect that I enjoy with my Wii Fit, I really loved the EA Sport Active workout.

I enjoyed the circuit/interval training, the pace, the instructional videos, so I was never bored, and the exercises were challenging and fun!

After the circuit training, I received a good workout (sweaty, heart rate was up, and feeling good) but decided that I would up the ante a bit during my next day’s session — go for medium intensity. However, I obviously had not realized the effect of the intensity of my performance until I noticed the next morning that my muscles were aching/responding (especially my thighs-- and Lord knows they need a work-out because all my weight falls on my knees). So, I decided to remain on the Low Level Intensity for just a little bit longer! (Now, if you lived with Lupus as long as I have, you definitely are aware of the difference between joint pain from Lupus and muscle aches from exercising).

Overall it was a great, fun, and no-nonsense workout! It did not take long at all to set-up my Profile on EA Sports Active (just couldn't decide on the outfit color), and you have a choice of keeping the programmed exercises or selecting from the list those exercises that you chose to perform. After making my exercise choices, if in the midst of performing I discover that I should not perform a certain exercise, it was easily skipped!

I opted to do the 30-day challenge. So, I will keep you posted.

Cheers & Be Well!



Julie@Momspective said...

I love that you already amped up your workout and went to medium! You're doing a great job and are sure to see impressive results!

CVSer said...

Hi! Gosh I'm sorry to hear about your Lupus. I suffer from Sjogren's Syndrome, so I have a lot of joint pain & fatigue (especially with being pregnant). I'm glad to hear you are taking it easy. I do the same! We know what our bodies can handle!

Well I'll make sure to stop by again next week.

Lindsey said...

I so admire you for keeping going and not letting your circumstances stop you from making things better! :-) I started out with the low setting, too, lol. It still is VERY effective! I'm loving EA Sports Active!

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