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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Since Today is WORLD LUPUS Day... I will be featuring some interesting facts & notes about Lupus and what I and my Lupus (lupien) friends encounter on a continuous basis... Be AWARE !

"I receive that in Jesus Name." But sometimes what the person REALLY means is that
I don't believe that you are sick!

Lupus is an unbelievable disease. It usually causes turmoil within the body, sometimes affecting the systemic system (Lungs -- my lungs collapsed 3 times; and now there is one); the heart (been there); liver, kidney, etc. But, sometimes Lupus influences the outside of the body, i.e., the butterfly rash, the wolf rash, inflammation (moon face, etc), ulcers, cold sores, etc. It took some time for family, friends, acquaintances, and my job to believe that I was challenged with a disease. For example with regard to my career, I was feeling awesome one minute, and the next few minutes I either had to be hospitalized or home bound. My job just could not accept that it was sickness... despite the hospitalizations. The rationalizations behind the illnesses whereby I was 'looking good but feeling sick' was incomprehensible the workforce despite the many years of dedication and great attendance record. After documentation and outward symptoms, finally belief; and, eventually relief. Now, I am so grateful and thankful now that I have my OWN home-based business!!!

With regard to friends, Lupus affected commitments, of course! To accept an engagement and then later having to cancel.. was just unacceptable and unbelievable to most of my friends. And to see, 'well I have to let you know,' just did not fare well with friends. Thus, Lupus can also be a 'lonely' disease. More to come!!!

Be Well; Live Happy!!

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Justbeinme said...

So glad to hear you have your own business.... Its what I'm striving for, i'm a nurse by trade but have had very little on the job experience due to my challenges & lupus meds. Its not an ideal job for someone with comprised immunity. But you are an inspiration to me. Keep up the good attitude, God will cover the rest.