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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Give me a Minute -- Getting Back On Track

Just give me a minute! I need a breather. I haven't had time to check the scale (my weight since I loss 8 pounds), get rid of a migraine, make dinner (thank goodness for left-overs), exercise, walk the puppies, sleep, look in the mirror (I am half sleep when I brush my teeth -- and maybe it's a good thing that I don't look in the mirror), and sometimes eat!

Did you know that lack of sleep inhibits weight loss? In fact, it contributes to weight gain! And, so does stress! I am on a roller coaster and hoping this will all end soon so I can take care of myself, family, and puppies (the Bichons).

Next semester I plan to take less courses -- in the meantime, just get me through the exams; I want to stay on the Dean's List!!!!

So, I have set my iPhone to remind me when to have my Isagenix shakes and snacks. This is a start to getting back on track. I will weigh myself after the exams to update how Isagenix is working for me. I will start exercising and share some cool tips to make exercising fun!

Enough goals for now -- I must get back studying and fix my IsaShake!

Oh! I am getting the BodyBugg for Christmas!!! Weeeeeeehooooooo! (You know that gadget that you've seen on the contestants on The Biggest Loser!) This will definitely ehance my weight loss journey along with the Isagenix! I will provide details in my next post!

Cheers & Be Well!


P.S. Can't wait to start tweetering & blogging again!


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