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Friday, April 23, 2010

FREE Farm Fresh Produce Shipped to Your Front Door!

After viewing the documentary, FOOD, Inc., the public now has documented knowledge that Commercial produce does not have any nutrition and that the pesticides alone are toxic (cancer causing pesticides in foods). What we want and need is nutrition. We don’t want to eat placebos that will just fill space in our bodies and make us sick. We want health.

What alternatives are available to eating clean, nutritious food. What are the choices if:

1) one does not have access to a local farmer's market
2) do not have the space, time, energy, or green thumb to plant their own gardens
3) organic produce is just too expensive at super markets.

The Solution
We truly do have a choice: Meet the Future of Gardening.... Your Very Own Organic Garden -- Your Very Own Organic Food! Fresh Organics deliverd to your door! Safe, Healthy and Delicioius FARM FRESH ORGANIC Produce.... the Future of Gardening....

That you can watch be planted and grow over the Internet by Live Web Cameras!

You get to choose what we grow and how much to grow! We sprout the seed, plant it, weed it, water it, fertilize it with only Certified Organic plant foods. Never petro-chemicals!

Yes! We have a system in place where you can literally have access to your own 240 or 120 square foot Organic Garden 24/7 from the comfort of your own living room through the magic of the computer.

Wholesome Food that grows in the Sunshine without pesticides, herbicides, fungicide, petrol based fertilizers, recycled sewer water or run off from Factory Animal Farms is the key to giving your body what it needs to side step the patterns of illness that have become normal in our society.

You will have an expert gardener assigned to till, plant, hoe, and harvest your crops for you. You can then choose to sell all or a portion of your crops in our farmers market, have all or a portion of your crops shipped direct to your house for dinner or give all or a portion of your crops to feed the hungry.

All of this will be handled for you by the expert staff at Organic Acres. All of your crops will use only products certified as organic by the USDA and all of your crops will be guaranteed.

Organic Acres has created the ultimate way to obtain verifiably organically raised foods for you and your family and have it shipped fresh to your door for a price that you won’t believe.

Think of it this way, if you owned your own organic farm you and your family would eat the best foods for FREE. Because you sold the rest of the crop and covered your expenses.

Purchase Organic goods from our General Store where you can get everything else you stock your cupboard, fridge and counter tops at great prices that will qualify you for Free Organic Produce all year round.

You can also earn from referring others to the program.

Tell others about this amazing program and you can earn up to $10 every month for every Garden Member you help join and up to $10 every month for every Garden member they help join! For 5 levels deep!! You also receive commissions from their purchases; and, Pioneer positions receive a percentage of company profits!!!

There is no limit as to the number of new members you may sponsor and get paid on. However this next year there will be only 4,000 full Gardens or 8,000 half Gardens available to be leased!

Question the source of your current foods!
It's your BODY! Your LIFE SPAN!
The choice is all yours....Join the growing legions who have stopped drinking society's "Kool-Aid"

Organic Acres: Where YOU ARE in CHARGE!

There is no obligation or cost to pre-register. FREE Sign-Up!

After pre-registering you can attend our live online Webinars and invite others to see this amazing system! ***(After signing up for your FREE Membership, ... please e-mail me so that I can SHOW you how to make a sustainable income on sustainable foods)****!!!

You don’t want to miss this launch !

Click any insert banner for more info.

Until next time...
"Live Well ~ Increase Longevity ~ Prosper"

Yours in health and success,


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