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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Managing Multiple Streams of Income - Branding Yourself

Managing Multiple Streams of Income - Branding Yourself!

One of many ways of managing multiple streams of income is to Brand Yourself.

Why Brand Yourself in lieu of Branding Products?

People follow people not products. People want to know that you can lead them to success. Additionally, what if your company's policies have changed where you are no longer permitted to use their brand name in advertising, within email addresses, domain names, and social media sites; or suppose the company closes shop leaving only you with no products to promote. If you branded the products instead of yourself, you know have to remove anything promoting the now non-existent product, such as your business website, social media fan pages, free and paid ads, domain names, email address, etc.

How to Brand Yourself

The key to branding yourself online is by providing value to your visitors. Every network marketer in this world has a special skill or knowledge that can be shared with others. Perhaps you are skilled at communications, presenting, marketing, mentoring, illustrating, engaging people, crushing numbers, graphics, word processing, word smith, etc. People want to know, and desire to learn through others with specialty experience.

What value can you share?

Share what you have learned from attending training events, the books you've read on personal development, the courses you've purchased and studied re marketing your business online and offline, nuggets you've learned either through your mentors or through hard knocks. Such information or learned skills can be shared with visitors to your website, leads you've generated, mailing lists, articles, fans, and social media sites, and groups.

Also, important is sharing your story. Everyone has a story and your story just may inspire and motivate others to not give up and to 'crush' to succeed. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, because, as my mentor explains to me, people want to know you, hear what you have to say, and feel connected to someone who may have experienced similar circumstances. People want to know your story of how you achieved success through adversity or how you overcame stumbling blocks. As they say, scarred hands heals best!

Sharing your expertise is how people will learn to trust you, trust your judgment, understand you as being a pro marketer. The end result, people will want to join you, joint venture with you, and/or partner with YOU!

There is Value in Branding yourself!

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