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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Talk is Cheap - Book Review


Godfrey Harris with Gregrey J. Harris

This book provides much needed information on how to promote your business through 'word of mouth' advertising..

According to the authors, lots of people understand the power of word of mouth advertising but few understand how to make it work consistently for them. This book shows you exactly what to do to make your customers your most efficient form of advertising.

The authors offer great tips on not only maintaining the loyalty of customers, but also how to use that loyalty to get referrals.

Some of the steps are, of course,

Listen to your customers

your customers are consumers who are empowered with great information and savvy buyers. Don't pass up the opportunity to seek their opinion about your service and the products offered.

Reward your customers. They deserve recognition

Do you send out "Thank You" cards after a customer purchase your product. Establishing relationships with your customers involves honestly getting to know them and their interests. Find out birthdays.. and send cards on holidays... Surprise your customer with discounts.. and cards of thanks. Watch your Customers.. they are reacting Absolutely! When a customer is using your product, they are reacting! Body language is key, and also the fact that they are no longer purchasing products from you could be a big clue. It is important to keep in touch with your customers, to get their reactions about their purchases.

Inform your customers

When a customer purchase one of your products, do take the time to instruct them on its use so that they can take full advantage of the benefits of the product. Also, check with them periodically to find out if in fact they are satisfied and are receiving value from the product.

Probe Your Customers

They do have ideas as noted above, customers are savvy shoppers. They are aware of the latest trends, and can inform you as to what products consumers would enjoy and would use on a daily basis.

When you have loyal, satisfied customers and display your genuine interest in their needs, you can then request referrals,request a testimony, and or ask them to be a resource for other customers.

And, of course, you should make sure that your product does, in fact, offer value.. is a "conversation piece."

As marketers, we must be creative in attracting customers! Having other customers to sell for you is not remarkable, but to monetize a specific plan or steps to using word of mouth advertising for your business, as the author states, "need not be left to luck!"

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