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Friday, November 21, 2008

Secret Up and Downer

On my journey to health, I notice that I am now very careful about what I put into my body. I can't explain it, but the foods I now enjoy taste differently. I enjoy the aroma, texture, and taste of simple things like organic apples and other fruits. I eat slowly and relish in the fact that my focus is not only losing weight but getting healthy; loving myself, properly fueling my body, and taking care of the Temple. I definitely have a different attitude towards my journey to optimal health and natural, healthy weight loss.. It is amazing that the Isagenix program has changed my life so much. I am elated that I can see around the corner, and it is indeed bright.

I completed the IsaCleanse days -- which consisted of two days -- and now enjoying the all natural IsaShakes (for the next 3-7 days). I have learned that if I mix one scoop of the chocolate with one scoop of vanilla and one small scoop of IsaFruits, I have a delicious shake. Not bad!

The Up and Downer -- I keep getting up and down on the scale because I can't believe that I have finally start to see results. I have lost 8 pounds in less than 5 days! I am on the 9-day program (not counting the 2 pre-cleanse days), and not suppose only weigh on day 3 and 10! I understand that philosphy because in the past my whole day would be based on what the scale indicated that morning; and I would adjust my eating accordingly, i.e., do something drastic or perhaps very damaging (like not eating) to get what I thought would be better results on the scale for the following day. Sounds familiar? Not a good thing!

I have learned with this program that, "you've gotta eat." Not eating slows down the metabolism; and, as a result, fat is stored because the body "thinks" it is starving. To protect itself -- isn't that neat -- the body holds on to what it needs to survive. Our bodies are machines, Temples, and we must be mindful to refuel with healty foods, replenish with vitamins, minerals, etc., and periodically flush out the toxins that enters through various orifices. Treat the body good, and our body's will perform just the way it was intended.

So, today's Secret to Weight Loss Success --

1) Make a Plan to Start -- Set a Date and stick to it! Know that you are taking this journey not only for yourself (do think of yourself); but also your family.

2) Get a Program that will work for you -- I highly recommend an all natural plan -- check out Isagenix at my web site noted below. What I like about Isagenix is that it is a Packaged Plan. I don't have to be concerned with purchasing separate cleansing products, supplements, nutrients, etc. Isagenix -- It's in there. And, unlike the 42 prescribed medications I take, I don't have to be concerned about interactions (for pics, see my blog noted below). Isagenix is synergistic!

3) Include fun exercises, i.e., fun exercise I discovered with my daugther is TV Dance Pad -- we get to have a friendly competition with the dual dance pads,; and, at the same time, we're bonding.) Stay tuned for other fun exercise suggestions.

4) Garner Support from Family, Friends, Relatives --- someone who will encourage, congratulate, inspire -- not criticize, i.e.., "should you be eating that?" I'm sure we've all heard that before.

5) Get a Journal -- Write down your daily meal plan, goals, aspirations, measurements, exercse, and include pictures, etc. Make if fun -- like scrapbooking. Remember healthy weight loss is a journey, a lifestyle -- not a chore or task. Make it fun!

More Success tips to follow -- I must get back to studying for finals. But, just wanted to put in my two cents worth on what is working for me, and hopefully, will work for you.


Cheers and Be Well!



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Laquita said...

Nice tips :o) - I don't know how you find the time to keep your blog updated so often ???