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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

90 Day Weight Release Challenge

The 90-Day Weight Release Program is designed to help individuals focus on their weight-loss goals over a 90-day period, by providing a system of support, accountability, and encouragement throughout the 90-day period.

This program is designed to work hand in hand with the Ardyss International reshaping garments, as part of a 2 step system of reshaping the body with permanent weight release.

Who can join the 90-day weight release program:

• Twenty Somethings…
• Thirty Somethings…
• Forty Somethings…
• Busy Moms
• Senior
• Powerful Dads
• Students

It is a TWO step 90 Day system that works and is so powerful, quick, and simple that…

Forget about what you’ve tried…this is IT!


To achieve optimal results of the 90-day weight release program participants
are encouraged to make the following commitments:

• Drink a minimum of eight 8oz. of water daily.
• Commit to a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week.
• Join weekly calls/webinars/or on-line participation to stay connected and encouraged.
• Connect with an accountability partner.
• Keep a journal to chart progress in the program.
• Invite friends and family to participate.
• Follow outlined meal and nutritional plans.
• Purchase outlined 90-Day Weight Release Nutritional products at wholesale cost.

Weekly On-Line Weight Release Meetings

Support system with On-Line “Slim Table” Discussions – where
discussions can take place regarding triumphs and slips ups of the week. A place to share what participants have learned about themselves, their bodies, eating habits, and what it takes to finally be Free of that unwanted weight!

Recommended Meal Plans and Menus
To take the guess work out of daily food intake, Bi-Weekly On-Line “Slim Table” Sessions with nutritional advisors, weight release advice and tips.

Nutritional Support System

To ensure proper nutrition to the body during this wonderful time of weight release. Promote high energy and stamina level during process. Keeps you from
having that OMG I’m starving feeling while you release the weight.

Buddy System

To ensure accountability and one-on-one support, an on-line buddy system will be created for interested participants.

There is power in numbers…let’s release this weight as a lean mean team! Report daily/weekly exercise achievements and goals. Virtual workouts can be created.

The Big “Finally Free Award”
Award given at the end of each 90 Day Weight Release Program cycle to the person(s) who has released the largest amount of weight over the duration of the program.

“Monthly Recognition”
Freedom Awards... Trophies...and announcement of team/buddies, etc. success stories.

90-Day Weight Releases Oasis Centers

Would you like to motivate and support others through the 90-Day weight release program by opening your business or home as a support center? Benefits:

As a 90-Day Weight release oasis participant you will have the opportunity to impact
the health and wellness of individuals throughout your city and community providing
them with resources, in a warm and inviting environment to meet for weekly support
and encouragement.

You can increase the bottom line of your business by personally inviting business
associates to enroll in the 90-day weight release program.

Examples: * Salons and salon owners * Day Care Centers *Fitness Centers
* Boutiques * Doctors Offices

Getting Started

The first step of the 90-Day Weight Release Program is to meet with a program advisor either in-person, at a local Oasis Center, over the phone, or via on-line chat.

An initial analysis will be conducted of the participant's personal eating and exercise habits and any challenges n committing to a weight loss regime. But, most importantly an outline will be provided of the proven weight release plan that is releasing the weight from participants effectively and naturally. Also, an initial weigh-in and body measurements will be submitted to the program advisor.

Contact me or just leave a comment to schedule your appointment, and you’ll be on your way to your weight release freedom!

Tomorrow: The One Month Plan....

"Each day I choose whether to be healthy, fit and lean. What choice will I make today!"

Cheers & Be Well,

Program Advisor
Join the 90 Day Challenge

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